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What to Wear on A First Date

First Impressions

So you’ve lined up a date with someone you’re excited about. Time and date is all set, and you’ve picked a great little venue. Just one question left: what are you going to wear? Maybe the is your first date in a while, or possible you just want to improve upon your usual attire. Whatever the situation, the right outfit can get you off to a great start.

It takes just 1/10th of a second to make a first impression. As you make that first eye contact, a huge amount of visual information is being processed and understood. A fashion faux-pas can be an instant turn off, so make sure you get the basics right.

The Best Version Of You

The good news is that the heavy lifting has already been done. This isn’t approaching someone new in a bar; you’re on a date, which means that they are already interested in you. You can use this to your advantage. Whether it’s through a dating site or a mutual friend, whatever interactions you’ve shared so far have led your partner to be interested in taking it to the next level. So there’s no need to switch up your style too dramatically – aim for a polished version of what they already know of you.

A Good Button Up

Switching up the t-shirt for a nice button-up and trousers from somewhere like Chums is an instant win. It’ll show that you’ve put in a bit of effort, and make you look that much more put together. It’s super important that you get out the iron, and get rid of those creases otherwise the work will be undone.

As well as having good conversations, your body language can express a great deal. That’s why it’s crucial to be wearing an outfit that you feel comfortable in. Constantly adjusting your outfit will make you look nervous and self-conscious. Wear clothes which make you feel confident and your body language will show confidence.

Express Yourself

It’s a good idea to play it safe on a first date. But don’t be afraid of incorporating a few touches which show off your personality. For example, choosing between a classic watch or a smartwatch will show you to be either traditional or forward thinking. Subconsciously, a first date is about finding about the other person, naturally interpreting responses and visual clues to see whether they are a good match for you. So as well as trying to get your outfit right, it’s important to relax and have a good time.

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