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What Is A Modern Day SNAG?

A sensitive new age guy, according to lifestyle expert, David Leo Yarus, but what does this really mean it the life of a guy today? We are all so concerned with what’s in front of us- our phone, work stress, looking fly, but what about our surroundings and the people we see around us every day? There is something to be said when it comes to keeping that old-school charm, and David Leo Yarus, is helping gents around the globe tap back into those traditional methods of manners.. chivalry is not dead!

David Leo Yarus says, “Every Sunday evening for several weeks during the winter my mother sent me to Cotillion (a proper manner school) in Denver, Colorado.  And as you would imagine this is exactly the way a twelve-year-old boy would elect to spend his time (insert horrified emoji face)!  At the time I couldn’t really see the value in it, but looking back I’m truly glad she did.  I now know just how formative an experience it was giving me that special X-Factor that I’m able to use in my everyday life.

Our Cotillion was held at the Museum of Natural History.  The dress code was specific:  a dark suit & tie for the gentleman and a long dress & gloves for the ladies.  Walking past the giant prehistoric fossilized T-Rex dinosaur really seemed to set the tone back then * )    “Good evening Mr. & Mrs. Worthington — David Yarus, how do you do?”  was the required intro to the evening hosts.  Then, the boys sat on one side and the girls on the other until further instruction..”

Over the years you take what you’ve learned through experiences and exposure, and you hone in on your own personal combination of style of charm & etiquette.  Being charming will simply grease the wheel of life for you.  More often than not people will want to help you, and you’ll set yourself apart from the masses. David Leo Yarus hopes to infuse some of the best old-school charm with a little new school flavor.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. First and foremost look people in the eye and be present! It really shouldn’t matter if you’re buying coffee, retrieving a car from valet, or being checked out at the grocery store.  Greet the person who’s helping you.  A simple acknowledgment is enormous and will make a big difference – even if you have to put your phone call on hold to do so!

2. Utilize the best of modern tech:  Instead of simply sending a text or an email, consider a video message or voice memo.  Actually seeing your face or hearing your voice is a significantly more personal way to connect.  This way you can give over the emotion and sincerity you want to convey.  Our smartphones and devices make this super easy to record and send!  An old-fashioned face to face is best, but this may just be the second runner-up!

3. Always have a good go-to joke in your back pocket.  There’s no better way to break the tension in the room than to make people feel comfortable and laugh.  Be sure it’s appropriate to your audience *)  Something else that’s extremely charming is to learn a good magic trick — you’ll be the hit of the party with the kids and make a very good impression with their parents *)

4. Gents, it’s not a cliche:  Open all doors, hold all doors, and definitely pull out chairs.  It’s just the right thing to do, and it’s never gone out of style.

5. Handwritten thank you notes and holiday cards:  A simple, sincere, handwritten thank you note is the best of old-school charm!  Wanna take it to the next level?!   — use an old-fashioned wax sealer.

6. Be creative and don’t be basic.  Back in the day, people would take great pride in the little things.  Then again, they also dressed up to go to the movies or to fly on a plane.  I think paying a little extra attention to the details go a far way.  For example:  if you’ve cooked a nice dinner try and plate the food in a fun way.  Zest a lemon over the dish.  Use a shaker to make a nice cocktail.  Rim the glass and garnish it.  Light a candle..  You see where I’m going with this!

7. Due diligence:  Whether you’re having dinner at someone’s house or attending an event as a guest do your homework beforehand:  study and learn the names before and make a point to learn something special, unique or important about them.  This secret was utilized by the likes of Winston Churchill & Bill Clinton.

*David Leo Yarus is a modern day gentleman who’s half old school & half new school.  He lives in Miami Beach and enjoys cooking, exploring, traveling, and being active.  He’s in the specialty wine storage business.
David keeps his pulse to the real estate market through the operations of the self-storage industry.  For the past several years, David has managed the operations of four self-storage facilities totaling close to 200,000 square feet (www.XtraStorageCompaniesFL.com).  While the management of the self storage portfolio provides a foundation, David’s true enthusiasm is within the residential real estate market.  As a licensed associate David has brokered rentals, sales, purchases, and has successfully purchased, fixed and flipped his own investment property. He is bullish on the South Florida real estate market and looks forward to finding more opportunities to exercise his operational skills and create value.

Please follow him @dyarus on Instagram

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