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Who, What, When and Wear – The essentials of accessorizing

The wardrobe of a gentleman reflects who he is – his tastes, his style, and his work ethic. It makes him both stand out and fit in. And for many men, dressing one’s best is a major challenge.

Dressing right presents the conundrum of attention to fashion detail while appearing to ignore it. You have to care about looking like you don’t care.

Assuming you have chosen your basic suit with your pants and shirts, let’s look at accessorizing. Here are a few items every man should consider.


The timepiece you wear on your wrist makes an exceptional impression. It is better to invest in a quality creation than wear a cheap, though practical, watch. Fortunately, you do not have to buy a $10,000 Rolex to look elegant. Wear something nice that fits your image or don’t wear a watch at all.

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The more ties you have, the better, as long as they are quality. Don’t wear cheap ties even with a cheap suit. Nothing will make you look bad in a good suit like a cheap tie.

If you are in a job that requires you to wear a security badge, think about the customized lanyard. Customized lanyards and accessories can turn a boring, or even clashing, piece of garbage into an accessory that blends with what you wear at work.


A beautiful and elegant wallet doesn’t have to be expensive, yet many gentlemen go years without replacing their old, worn out ones. A wallet says much more about you than the contents do. Rfid front pocket wallet from Kinzd can meet all your needs, it has 6 card slots, 1 ID window and 1 money or receipt pocket, which keeps all your vital information secure.

Money Clip

This is an item that never crosses the mind of most men. But if you carry around your cash like a lump in your pocket, you not only look disorganized, you look sloppy. With a money clip, your cash stays put even when the wind blows and it’s so much easier to manage.

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is the male answer to the woman’s purse. When you have a lot of stuff to carry, a briefcase or fanny pack need not be your only options. Messenger bags come in many shapes, styles, colors, and sizes.


The old dictum that the color of the sock should match the pants has been put aside for more eye-catching advice. Socks, even with business attire, can be colorful and dramatic or even not worn at all without turning heads.


Don’t think of scarves as just for women or WWI flying aces. Scarves in the winter to go with your overcoat are always appropriate.


A leather belt of high quality will last many years. Black and dark brown are the colors of choice and can be worn with almost anything. The buckle should be modest unless you’re from Texas. The country and western crowd is more appreciative of belt buckle flamboyance.


Your choice in shades sends a message about your sense of style. When in doubt, aviator frames are almost always winners. Avoid combining sports sunglasses with formal attire.

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