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Ultimate Ways to Look More Stylish in Limited Budget

How do you get the fashion wardrobe of your dreams without breaking the bank?

It’s quite a common myth that you need a lot of money to look fashionable. Granted, having a big budget to fill your wardrobe definitely gives you excess to more unique and exclusive labels. However, it does not mean that having limited money you can’t buy stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Clothes come with money, but style comes with sense. All you need is to know where to look. With the right approach, you can even use affordable clothing to look stylish and fashionable. While it’s okay to splurge on something you really want once in a while, here’s how to get your hands on all the tips and tricks on how to use your affordable wardrobe to create your unique style.

Take a break from being a fashion junkie

If you have always been conscious about your fashion, it’s likely that you are one of those who keep up with trends blindly. With a small budget, this could be an expensive hobby to keep.

Use fashion trends as your inspiration instead of your guidelines. Do your research to find out the colors, styles, and trends that are in and use your own style to work it out. With a limited budget, it can become rather impossible to keep up with the fashion trends that the designers throw at you four times a year.

Instead of focusing on the fashion labels, check what’s in and what’s not, check out affordable options that you can use to replicate certain looks. For instance, there’s no way you can go wrong with a little black dress. Now if you want it under an exclusive fashion label, a dress that you can get under $50 will cost you above $500.

There’s a thin line between becoming a fashion slave and following trends. When you are on a budget, it’s wise to step back as a fashion junkie and spend your money wisely. Take your inspiration from fashion and pick whatever you think looks stylish on you.

Keep your expectations real

What exactly do you expect from fashion? What’s your specific approach when it comes to spending on clothes? If you have a hundred bucks to spend this month, would you spend on a bunch of $10 tops from an affordable store or would you rather grab a cardigan from a branded outlet?

While it works, either way, it will only be useful if you get what you really want. Typically, people shopping on a budget always desire for a single top that’s more expensive but end up buying more inexpensive clothes because it catches the eye more.

If you are anything like a regular fashionista on a budget, you will only leave something you really love because of its price and instead buy more things that you like less – even though you will end up spending the same amount of money.

Making a plan and thinking about what you really want is the only scenario that will make sense to you. Having the right approach can help you buy nicer things and spend money wisely. So take your time and decide accordingly.

Look for what you don’t have

A big fashion mistake is when you continue accumulating things without knowing if you really need them in your wardrobe. Most of the items are so similar that you rarely use them.

It’s time to check your wardrobe and review what you already have. It’s the best way to stop wasting your money on things you don’t need. Face your closet and figure out:

  • Which color do you own the most? If you have a favorite color, it’s likely for it to be ruling your wardrobe right now. Slash it out for your next purchases. Try out new colors.
  • How many T-shirts do you own? If they are outnumbering your formals or date-worthy clothing, it’s time to bring a balance!
  • What about shoes? Every closet must have a black heel, a few party-wear sandals, and a pair of sneakers. Do not ditch your comfort. Think about diverting your budget to buying some more shoes if you have very few.
  • How many types of bottoms do you own? Other than the go-to jeans, if you don’t own a few different kinds of bottoms, you might want to make a list of the items you will need.
  • What about the accessories? To complete your look, you cannot simply stick to clothing and shoes. The right accessories can funk up any look almost instantly. See if you need some basic jewelry, a few scarves, stylish handbags, or some sunshades to add to your collection.
  • Do you own a dress?

This will give you a clear idea of what you have and what you don’t. You can make more informed decisions the next time you go shopping.

Toss or trade

How many things did you notice in your wardrobe that you just hold on to because you once spent on them? If you don’t use something, trade it or toss it and use it to get new stuff for your wardrobe.

You can sell some stuff on online forums, such as eBay. Just be realistic about the price you tag because it’s a used item. The more you focus on setting the right price, the better chance there is for it to sell. You can always use that money to add to your budget and get new, trendy, and stylish things without breaking the bank.

Be focused

If you love shopping, there’s always a chance for you to spend more than your budget when you hit stores with sales. You may need a pair of shoes for work, but you end up getting a dress too because it was a good offer.

Impulsive purchasing is harmful to your budget. You may sometimes need to give up on items you really need just because you used the money on something else that caught your eye. Being more focused can save you from this habit.

If style is your main priority, look for things that add value to your wardrobe collection. For instance, a black leather jacket or a pair of bright red boots can be found at affordable prices but can be a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

Online discount deals and coupons might be your savior when you are on a tight budget. There are many active Macy’s promo codes to get your stylish wears at the discounted price. By redeeming such coupons, you can buy exclusive stuff at much lesser prices.

While it’s not always easy to overlook a great discounted deal, it’s essential to meet your needs first before you can focus on things you want. When you pick something to buy, think practically if it’s really worth it with your limited budget and make a wiser decision. You have to check out daily deals and coupons providing site like Couponobox to look more stylish in limited budget.

Final Word

Divert your focus from buying new stuff for your wardrobe to realizing your own value. Your real value doesn’t come from what you are wearing but how confidently you are carrying it.

If you are happy in styling up in your limited budget, then use your innovative ideas and creativity to pair up the right clothes, shoes, and accessories and be confident about turning heads!

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