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5 Watch Styles You Should Not Ignore

Watch Styles You Should Not Ignore

When you see a man wear a watch, it makes him look sophisticated and successful. However, there is a certain way that a man should wear the watch to reflect the confidence and elegance that will make him look like the next billionaire. Similarly, if you see a man wearing a watch from a classic range, such as the famous Seiko 6139 line, it’s obvious that he has good taste and lots of style. There are rules of how these masculine accessories should be worn in order to reflect dominance and masculinity of the man. Wearing this accessory the wrong way can be a fashion disaster. Here are some tips that you should never ignore:

Gold and Silver Should Never Mix

Gold and silver are two completely different metals. Gold is a more yellow and royal while silver is more mellow and light. This requires a different clothing style to match them. A person wearing gold will have to wear a more dominant clothing style to match the color. Whereas, a silver color watch will require something light and sophisticated. Because of their contrast, these two metal should never mix and especially not on your watch.

High-quality Only Comes From Heritage Brands

quality watches from heritage brands

It is known that fashion brand cannot compete with the prestige and craftsmanship of the luxurious Swiss watchmaker. Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, and Dior have created a masterpiece in Switzerland and have hired one of the best watchmakers to create their designs. You can also check out other brands. For example, the Japanese watchmaker Seiko has a lot of chronograph watches as well.  They have a lot of heritage brands to showcase. After all, heritage brands are made from professional, high-quality watchmakers who have spent years of their life studying the anatomy of the watch. This is why nothing can beat the nostalgic classic of a heritage brand.

Real Men Wear Automatic

An automatic watch is a little pricier and on the luxury end. If you see a man wearing an automatic watch, you know that he has money.

You Can Judge A Man By His Watch

In this era, we don’t often see people wearing watches just for the purpose of telling time, because of the presence of smartphones. So when you see a man wearing a Rolex, you can immediately tell that he is doing very well for himself.

The Bigger The Watch, The Better The Man

Size actually does matter. Keep in mind that women have a smaller wrist, so they wear smaller and thinner watches. This will bring out the feminine touch in them. However, if a man wears a small watch, he might be looked at as a woman or too feminine. This is why the bigger the watches the manlier than man is.

Even though in this era, we all use smartphones, but seeing a man wearing a high-quality watch does reflects a lot of masculine power. Keep in mind that there are various styles and ways to wear a watch. However, the best way to where one is to find a style that matches with your personality and fashion decor. After all, the job of an accessory is to accentuate the confidence within a man. That means the job of the watch is to bring out the masculine energy of the man.

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