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Tommy John: Because Everything You Wear Should Be Classy

How many of us have fallen into the trap of wearing the most elegant and eye-popping suit possible, but wearing it over cheap and ripped undergarments?

Some of you may say “yeah but people can’t see it so why should I care”? To be honest, there is a little voice like that inside of all of us. But we recently received some world-class undergarments from the people at Tommy John to preview their fall line. and we have been schooled, and feel obliged to spread the word to school everybody else out there who may not fully understand yet:

We received some of these boxer briefs and some v-neck t-shirts recently and here’s what we found out:

Gold thread boxers 1 230x300 - Tommy John: Because Everything You Wear Should Be ClassyBlack v neck 2 231x300 - Tommy John: Because Everything You Wear Should Be Classy

Not All Fits Are The Same:

These briefs are dubbed “second skin” and it’s for many good reasons. Basically, wearing these is the best of both worlds; you have the protection of an undergarment with none of its negative sides. These garments do not pinch, bunch, or slip at all. They are truly fitted to a body, not a box, as the advertisement says. And they don’t itch or catch at all because they are made from a superior quality fabric that literally lets them breathe and move like a second skin.

Gold thread boxers 2 - Tommy John: Because Everything You Wear Should Be Classy

Quality Matters:

The quality can also be felt in the v-necks, literally from the moment you slip them on. They fit tight and hug the body comfortably while still breathing and allowing you to keep cool. They do the proper job of a t-shirt, allowing sweat to be naturally absorbed and keeping you as comfortable as possible. As an added bonus, the fabric of these t-shirts never creases or wrinkles, eliminating the need for extra maintenance. You put them on straight out of the dryer without every having to think twice about it. By the way, these are also guaranteed to stay tucked, no matter what.

Black v neck 1 1024x627 - Tommy John: Because Everything You Wear Should Be Classy

But Is It Worth All That?

In our opinion, it is worth getting these high-end garments for several reasons. Firstly, they will last a lot longer than, say, your typical mediocre offering available at the local big box store for peanuts. This not only saves you money, but more importantly, it saves your precious time.

Secondly, they will keep you much more comfortable, allowing you to present yourself to the rest of the world at a whole other higher level, exuding more confidence and being more relaxed even in clutch situations.

And lastly but not leastly, this gives you a psychological edge, knowing that you are decked out to the maximum possible level both inside and out, and you are no longer hiding anything. This will give you a further edge, from the office to the boardroom to the dance floor to the bedroom.

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