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The Jacket Style Bible

The Jacket Style Bible
Photo by Jenny Marvin on Unsplash

The ever suave and so often re-invented jacket can be a game-changing wardrobe staple in any city or town brisk enough to warrant wearing one.

As winter fades to more mild months in the northern hemisphere and things get chillier in the southern, this time of year lends itself to layering no matter where you might be living. Having a quality range of go-to jackets on hand is a worthy trans-seasonal investment. If you want to look stylish consider our tips for Jacket Style.

Stylish menswear brands, such as Politix, are constantly redefining their outerwear selections, but a well-chosen jacket consistently remains fit to complement any t-shirt and chino ensemble. To streamline your jacket collection, browse the overviews of the four outerwear essentials below.

The Always Versatile Leather Piece

If you’re looking to purchase a little bit of luxe, there’s no going past the dependability of a timeless, black leather jacket. Opt for a well-cut design with a lightweight, comfortable and soft-to-wear feel. If you’re venturing towards a different aesthetic or something more alternative, or just stepping away from the ‘harder’ look, seek out a brown leather piece as an alternative. Paired with a strong, straight-leg denim pant, any of these leather jackets would be practical while also adding a sharp edge to a ‘smart casual’ look.

The Jacket Style Bible
Photo by Jenny Marvin on Unsplash

The Effortless Sports Coat or Blazer

Donning one of these sartorial must-haves doesn’t mean channeling your inner private school boy. Available in all colors and textiles and with a variety of details, the difference between the contemporary sports coat and blazer can be subtle, which is why they are often appropriate for similar occasions. Traditionally, a lightweight blazer – sometimes worn with shorts and boat shoes – is ideal for soirees on yachts, whereas a heavier and pocketed tweed sports coat was originally worn by the British while hunting. Both inspire many jacket designers today and provide a touch of class.

The Casual, Simplified Military Jacket

Unlike the Beatles’ Sargent Pepper outfits, the modern military jacket is the ultimate casual throw-on, quintessentially made of a rugged, khaki, canvas fabric. It is the most lightweight of the jackets listed and very practical for traveling with the lads. Also available in a variety of colors, it works both done up and unbuttoned with a crisp t-shirt. If you’re looking for a no-fuss warmth solution, this piece, depending on the structure, can provide a change from more tailored options.

The Daily Go To Down Jacket

Down Jackets seemed to become very popular in the early 2000’s and have since been a staple in many people’s coat mix. I think you would be hard pressed not to find one of these in most American’s coat closets.

With their lightweight construction in comparison with the warmth they provide, these make perfect coats for any season, and especially very cold weather. The only downside with is that you should take some precautions with cleaning down jackets, but other than that, they are great.

The Polished Woolen Pea Coat

Ideal for neat layering over a shirt on a winter date night, the pea coat, known for its signature double breast and sturdy fabric, is a favorite amongst refined gents. As these jackets have been standard naval issue since the 1700s, it’s no surprise that fail-safe colors in this style include dark greys and navy. If you feel you’ve already covered the more classic shades in the jacket department or are looking to walk on the more experimental side, try tracking down this piece in maroon or khaki.

Jacket Style Conclusion

Now that you know the basics of your jacket options, putting together a great collection of outfits for cooler days and nights should be a breeze. If you’ve mastered your essentials of jackets, feel free to share your insights on quality purchasing and styling below.