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Why Quality Leather Makes the Best Accessories

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There are some men’s accessories that you want to invest in good quality materials that last a long time – quality leather is a perfect example.  So when you are looking to invest in a fine belt, wallet or other leather items, you want to aim for a brand that offers this quality as well as the timeless styles that can look the part.  One such brand is Todder.

Who are Todder?

Todder are a New England based company that offers top quality, handmade leather goods.  Their products are made with the best quality materials to last the longest time and use timeless styles that don’t go out of fashion.  The brand was founded by Ted Harriss and uses vegetable-tanned leather from around the US and France while details such as hand stitching takes place on Maine.  The items are even finished with Vermont beeswax to make them waterproof.

The Todder Men’s Leather Belt

The Todder Men’s Leather Belt is a perfect example of their products.  These belts are made to be durable and smart with hand stitched detail and use Herman oak vegetable tanned English Bridle leather.  There is a solid brass lacquer coated buckle and Italian edge paint to give the side of the belt a smart finish.  The belt is 1.25 inches in width.

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The belt can also be personalized with the addition of a monogram – add a maximum of three characters to the order form and the company will press these into the belt.  Not only does that add a little extra to the style, but it also means there is no chance of the belt being mistaken for someone else’s at the gym!


Other products

The Leather Bi-Fold Wallet is another idea of the classy, Todder handmade leather goods that use vegetable-tanned English bridle leather as well as 138 bonded nylon thread.  The wallet has the classic bi-fold style with cardholders, two on either side and a bill pocket that runs along the back.  The wallet is hand-stitched to add durability to the style and is designed to last a lifetime.  There are also three color options available – black, dark brown and chestnut.

As well as leather goods, Todder also have men’s accessories that help make life a little easier, such as their Brass Fish Hook Keychain. This is made from solid lacquer-coated brass in matte black, matte nickel or copper and comes with a matching key ring and canvas bag.  The hook easily slides over a pocket or belt loop.

Featured Image by arshaan ali from Pixabay

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