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One Of The Most Important Lessons In Fashion Tips That My Dad Taught Me

Fashion That My Dad Taught Me
Photo by Jonnathan Fonseca on Unsplash

Let me warn you in advance that I am about to drop a big cliché on you. My father is a person that I look up to in areas from his work ethic to taste in the finder areas of life. I know that sounds like a given because our fathers are usually the people we put on a high pedestal. My father gave great advice considering Men’s Fashion Tips.

Fashion That My Dad Taught Me
Photo by Jonnathan Fonseca on Unsplash

While I consider myself self-taught and well versed in fashion, watches are just not one of those areas I have mastered. But really, my father is the person that knows this area far more than I do. From deep life lessons, to random ones, he’s always dishing out things that I am eager to apply in my own daily life. A tip that my dad gave me when I was ten has always resonated until now.

He was always dressed with a classic, impeccable timepiece. Back in the day I imagined him as a sort of James Bond that’s off to see the world. I grew up wanting to one-day own a nice watch too. This is why I was always trying to copy the way he dresses, even while I was only just a child. He told me that the most important thing that you must invest in to look good was to a good watch. It’s subtle, but people notice. That’s how I began my search to buy men’s watches. Not just any, but something modern and unique like the Citizen Mens Signature Eco-Drive watch pictured above.

I’m excited to see it in use as WatchCo describes it as such.

“For the sophisticated man, this Citizen men’s signature series Eco-Drive perpetual calendar alarm chronograph watch offers a versatile look that is both rugged and refined. Featuring a sleek grey dial and black bezel, luminous hands and markers make timekeeping a breeze no matter the hour. A one-way bezel tracks elapsed time, while the dual-coated Sapphire crystal offers second-to-none protection from glares and scratches.

Relying on Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive technology, this perpetual calendar watch is powered by light and never requires a battery change. Water resistant to 200m and covered by Citizen’s five-year warranty, this attractive timepiece is the perfect option for any occasion.”

My father justified that a watch’s function is not just about telling time—smartphones do that well, but it’s about being a true gentleman. There are many kinds available, stainless steel, classic leather, sports straps, the looks of timepieces are endless. You can find certain ones to type certain types of outfits. You can match how dapper you look by pairing it with an equally classy watch.

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Since my father told me to buy men’s watches, my collection has been steadily growing throughout the years. It is the one fashion piece that I always invest in because of its function as a necessity of telling time and as the perfect addition to your everyday look.