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Men’s Fashion Basics: Liverpool Slim Straight Jeans

A nice fitting button down shirt, classic everyday shoes, and a great fitting pair of slim straight jeans make up the basics necessary for any man. Liverpool Men’s Jeans fills the void of the well fitting pair of men’s jeans; but how do you choose the perfect pair of jeans. Choose a dark blue if you can only choose one pair of jeans as that color is pure class that can be worn in more formal and also informal settings. One brand that personifies these new jeans style is Liverpool Jeans – but who are they and why do they offer perfect jeans?

Who are Liverpool?

I am not talking about the United Kingdom city but instead the brand. The popularity and trendy nature of jeans mean that people now want a product that is high quality, looks great and is comfortable to wear.  These are the kind of concepts that are integral to Liverpool Jeans.

The company was founded by two veterans of the fashion industry, Ron and Jill Perilman.  Ron was the man behind brands such as City Girl and was co-operator of NYDJ.  Jill listed being CEO of Denimhead, a popular denim subscription service offering innovative and trendy items to the denim world.  They decided to combine their experience into one company and Liverpool Jeans was born.

The aim of the company is to create unique blends of fabric for their jeans and use the latest technology to create advanced fit solutions, all while offering their products for less than $100.  The advancements in jeans that the company have created mean they can offer jeans to all ages and body types.

The Slim Straight style

The slim straight Jeans style is one of the most flattering for men and with the modern styles of denim, are also very comfortable to wear.  The Liverpool Jeans Slim Straight style comes in a warm olive shade that works with any colored top and uses a little spandex with the cotton denim to allow natural stretch while still having the classic look and feel of denim jeans.

These jeans have a classic five pocket styling that also makes them practical – there are plenty of places for the wallet, the smartphone and the odd other essential.  The waistband is a set-in style with belt loops to add a belt of your choice.  And the fly is a zip with a single logo button closure at the top.

In order to get the right leg length, the style is available in 30 inch, 32 inch and 34 inch inseam length as well as waist sizes from size 29 to size 42.

Getting the trendiest style

The Liverpool slim straight jeans in olive is a perfect example of a number of big trends in jeans this year.  Different colors are very popular with jeans no longer needing to be blue.  And the slim leg line with its straight finish is a trend for years now, with the move away from the ultra-skinny jeans or the boot cut styles that have been popular in past years.  That makes these jeans an example of the perfect pair.

Back to denim as fall begins. If there’s one item that features in almost every man’s wardrobe, it is jeans.  These staples of workwear have transformed into fashionable, comfortable and stylish pants that are worn on the widest range of occasions.