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Doing Valentines 2016 in Style

Every aspiring gentleman knows that appearance is everything. It is the yardstick by which we’re judged, and it impacts the success of all that we do. In the worlds of work, dating, and networking, it’s a primary gauge of how well we’re doing, how suave we are, and how much care we take.

February is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and revamp your style. We all go into the New Year with a list of goals that we wish to achieve, and nailing the right look is one of the best tools to help you attain them. Whether you want to excel at work, with women, or just make your mark on the world, here are three places that you ought to shop…

For High Street Style: Zara

Zara leads the way for chic style amongst high street brands, and offers the perfect pieces for valentines. Elegantly tailored and exquisitely designed, its pieces offer cutting edge fashion with a twist. It’s especially renowned for its gorgeously shaped shirts and tapering trousers, both of which will be guaranteed to go down well with your valentine.


For Country Wear: Barbour

High street style is a wardrobe staple, but the more highbrow might also want to look to traditional country brands for some fashion inspiration, and Barbour is the perfect place to start. Its famed waxed jackets are a must for those who want to look dapper on their romantic country walks, and will help to emulate that lord of the manor look that tells your valentine that you’re going somewhere. With flattering polo shirts and tailored trousers to complete the ensemble, take a peek at this British brand’s fashion line today.


For Gym Gear: Skate Hut

The gym is another place where it’s important to look the part in preparation for your date. Although it’s tempting to throw on your oldest t-shirt and sweatpants, the right gear will help to enhance your exercise regime, and will make you feel fully prepared for your workout. Skate Hut has a fantastic range of exercise options for you to choose from, each of them aimed at improving your performance. With the swagger and the sweat absorbing fabrics to make your workout look effortless, you’ll soon be drawing the eye, and the envy, of everyone else in the gym. Your valentine may even share your passion for fitness which reinforces the need to look good.

Make this effort for your valentine this February by keeping these top tips in mind.

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