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Different Helmets and their Uses

Different Helmets and their Uses
Different Helmets and their Uses

If you are shopping for helmets and don’t know where to begin,  here’s a quick guide to different helmet styles.

Helmets have evolved throughout history. Most early helmets were for were only designed for military and ceremonial purposes. However, it has evolved to be a great protective head covering that allows people to enjoy daring activities with a little  bit more safety. Many different sports and lines of work rely on helmets for head protection. It is now much more advanced both in design and material. I’ve been shopping for a helmet for at J&S Motorcycle Helmets and found great information on how to find the right one for you.

Different Helmets and their Uses
Different Helmets and their Uses

Here are some kinds of helmets that you may want to consider.

Full Face Helmets

Providing protection for your entire head, full face helmets are the best choice for more dangerous usage or just for the safety conscious. The best thing about them is that they do not compromise comfort, in fact they are designed to offer maximum comfort with features like  also designed to offer maximum comfort and comes with additional features like a quick-release visor, anti-scratch technology, and an instant-release fastening system. These are great factors to consider when you are doing an activity that requires fast and dependable safety.

Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets are useful in hot places or months since they offer a good compromise between safety and comfort. It is able to give the wearer better breathability while still providing a great level of protection. You will need to buy a good open face helmet that has been given a Safety Standard approval in order to ensure that you are getting something that will not break should anything goes wrong. This is for less strenuous activities as well.

Flip Front Helmets

Flip front helmets are a cross between the first two mentioned. You get the increased safety of a full face helmet but can also flip the front of your helmet to let air in. This one is great all year, as you can wear it both ways for both cold and hot months. As it is one that incorporates two designs in one, you need to look for something lightweight but has still passed a safety standard. Many cross country motorbiking entusiasts own flop front helmets as it is something they can wear through any condition, transitioning through different weather and terrain.

Professional Motocross Helmets

For more advanced uses, you can pick motocross helmets. These helmets are for pros and are usually created with branding in its design and offers advanced  technology in its materials.

Whatever helmet you pick, you have to make sure that it is the right fit and that it comes from dependable sources. Which helmet is right for you? Let us know below.