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Top Creative Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom

Paul Simon once said there must be fifty ways to leave your lover. Well, there must be fifty thousand ways to upgrade that sorry little old bedroom of yours into something that feels much more you.

Your bedroom is like your inner sanctum, it’s the room that you are in during your most intimate moments, including sleep time. Having a bedroom not set up the way you want to is almost like sending yourself a signal that you don’t really care about yourself, with predictable consequences in life. Treat your bedroom like a temple, and life will start to treat you like a divine being.

And so, keeping the above in mind, we’d like to share some tips with you to help spruce up that sorry space. Here are some quick suggestions to get you started on the road to bedroom recovery:

  • Two-tone Paint

Nobody really has just one favorite color. Nor does the bedroom even have to be just your two favorite colors. But two-tone rooms just look sharper and more classy. Get two colors that complement each other and your eyes will be more comfortable. We recommend somewhat subdued colors, since it is a bedroom and you don’t want really strong colors that can be distracting.

  • Design Your Own Posters

This is a chance to really make your place a unique and creative space. One technique is to go around collecting images that you really like from social media and the internet in general, then make collages out of them. Or pick a theme, and print out a bunch of posters based on it.

If you get stuck, no problem. Design poster templates are readily available for you to get your creativity back on track.

  • Make Your Own Unique Bed

This is a lot easier than it sounds, and it’s also surprisingly fun to do, not to mention the results will make you proud for years to come. One great idea is to make a bed out of old pallets, which can be bought for next to nothing, and have a lot of cool properties besides providing the needed structure and support for a bed.

It’s also really amazing the things that can be accomplished with futons. These links are really just starting points for you, or should be looked at as such. The creative possibilities are literally endless. Look, here are some more interesting possibilities right here! But the real idea is to check all of this stuff out and use it as a springboard to come up with something new, something you.

  • Upgrade Those Bedsheets

Bedsheets are honestly one of the most underrated things in this whole universe. Buying an actual quality pair of bedsheets, taking them home, and then sleeping on them for the first night is a real eye-opener. I solemnly promise and swear to you that when you do this, the next day you will be kicking yourself for not having done it earlier. People often don’t realize how often something as simple and relatively cheap as a good pair of bedsheets can be affecting their sleep hygiene and peace of mind. And seriously, these can be seen in malls all over the country for, like, as low as $20 for a full queen set! Come on now, you owe yourself this one!

Some more general advice, while we’re on that topic. In bed you should never use laptops or cellphones, or watch TV. Keep these in a different area of your room, and it’s actually a really good idea to shut off all electronic devices a half hour to an hour before you plan to go down for sleep. Even tossing and turning in bed is not recommended, if you can’t get to sleep, get up, get yourself a nice herbal tea (something like chamomile or lavender to relax you), then come back to bed.

We hope that with the help of this article, you can wind up in your dream bedroom in a very short time. The benefits are enormous of doing this. You’re welcome.

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