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How to Choose a Practical Bag for Your Partner

If you ask most men what kind of handbag their wife, girlfriend or partner use, they probably wouldn’t have much of an idea.  Like many things that you don’t use yourself, you often don’t have the knowledge to make an informed purchase.  But at this time of year, if she is in charge of the return to school, then style is often supplanted by the need for practicality and that makes buying a practical bag for her much easier.

The backpack

The modern backpack has come a long way from the staple of high school life that it once was.  Some of the core elements of it remain – the two straps making it easy to keep both hands free and the simple, no fuss style.  But there are also many elements that show the backpack now comes in a grown-up version.

The Solo Endeavour Backpack is a perfect example of the adult style.  The back comes in an urban palette of blacks and greys that look stylish and understated and even features a brand logo in Morse Code in the bottom corner.  This is a nod to the development of the digital age that is very much at the core of the backpack design – it features a padded 15.6 inch laptop compartment as well as an internal iPad or tablet pocket.

Solo ENdeavor Backpack - How to Choose a Practical Bag for Your Partner

The bag also has plenty of spots for other essentials including a front zippered pocket and an interior organizer section to ensure it is easy to find anything inside.  The back and the straps also feature padding so no matter how much she carries, the bag will remain comfortable.

The tote

The tote is a practical style of handbag that also has the classic looks that many ladies prefer.  The Solo Greenwich Tote has the chic vibe of a city collection and comes in two warm brown shades.  It is part of a collection of bags that are each named after a street in the Tribeca area of New York.

Greenwich Tote by Solo - How to Choose a Practical Bag for Your Partner

Like the backpack, this tote has a 15.6 inch laptop compartment and also has an interior organizer section.  The zippered accessory pocket is ideal to store those essentials such as cell phone or organizer.  The bag has a stylish burgundy and blue interior lining and there is a removable and fully adjustable shoulder strap.  There are even metal feet on the bottom of the bag to protect it when placed on the floor.

The perfect present

As the kids go back to the school, it is nice to treat the lady in your life to something that she will use and appreciate and these bags are two great ideas depending on what she carried, how she travels and what she likes.

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