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Why Carbon Fiber is a Big Trend in Men’s Accessories

Trends are a big part of our lives and help inspire us and give us ideas about what is likely to be in stock in the shops.  One of the big trends in men’s accessories for this year is the use of carbon fiber but what has made the material so popular and how is it being used?

Money clips and wallets

One great example is in the design of money clips and wallets.  The Z clip wallet style seems to be advertised everywhere at the moment but if you want something that is in the style of the Z clip but has extra benefits, then you can check out the wallets from Carbon Fiber Gear.  Their wallets come in two different styles and both have the carbon fiber coating.

One of the variations, the HuMn Wallet 2, even has RFID blocking features to help maintain your privacy and both have the six card insert.  The Common Fibers FIT is a two-part wallet that comes with a removable money clip that can be used on its own or both pieces can be used together.

Classic wallets

Carbon fiber styles are also ideal for classic styles of wallet such as bi-fold and tri-fold.  These carbon fiber wallet styles have the tough yet lightweight exterior of the woven carbon fiber material and all the main features that a wallet should contain.

The Tri-Fold Carbon Fiber & Leather Wallet is the perfect classic tri-fold that contains six credit card slots as well as a clear window slot for an ID.  The currency compartment is full length to make it easy to use.  The wallet has a modern, high-tech look with next-generation materials combined with iconic leather sections.


As well as wallets and money clips, carbon fiber watch styles are very on-trend this year and are available in a variety of different styles to suit all tastes.

The Skywatch Carbon Fiber & Black 44mm Chronograph Watch is a stylish and modern watch that features Swiss-made jewel chronograph workings with date function while the carbon fiber bezel rotates around the watch face.  The face itself is also protected with scratch-resistant mineral crystal and the watch is water resistant up to 100 meters.

In addition to fully carbon fiber watches, the material is also being used to create sleek and practical watch band for other types of watch, including for the Apple Watch.  The strap uses real carbon fiber and black leather to ensure it is flexible while also being very strong and lightweight.