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The Benefits of Made to Measure Clothing for Men

Mass-produced menswear has revolutionised the clothing market in recent years, but made to measure clothing is not a new concept. Before the advent of department stores and online shopping, men visited a tailor when they needed a new suit, shirt or jacket. These days, however, men usually go to their preferred menswear store and pick up a pack of shirts and although made to measure suits are not uncommon, it is quicker and cheaper to buy one off the peg.

When you live in a rural area, it is hard to find a tailor to design a made to measure coat for you if you are looking for a distinctive outfit to wear for an important event. Living in the city makes it easier, as you have access to shops galore. Modern man also has the internet, which offers unlimited possibilities for clothes shopping, in your own time and at your leisure.

Cost vs. Convenience

However, despite the relative ease with which a man can pick up a new outfit, in store or online, there are many benefits to buying made to measure clothing. The perception is that it costs a lot more to buy a bespoke garment, and to a degree this is true, but overall the benefits more than outweigh the cost element, so here is a quick rundown on why you should consider buying made to measure men’s clothing.

The Right Fit

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Off the peg suits, shirts, trousers, etc., are made to standard sizes. They are produced to fit average men of average proportions. If you are of above average height or shorter than average, or you don’t follow the classic male shape of broad shoulders and trim hips, it will be difficult to find clothing that looks good.

Ill-fitting garments are not flattering. The fabric bunches up or pulls over the wrong area. You instinctively feel uncomfortable when wearing a suit that doesn’t fit or a short than is too loose or too tight. It’s not good for your self-confidence. The advantage of made to measure garments is that they are tailored to your exact proportions, so they will fit you like a glove. Tailored clothing presents the very best version of you, which is important if you have an important business meeting or a hot date.

A Good Investment

Bespoke clothing is usually more expensive, but it is an investment worth making. Unlike off the peg clothing, bespoke made to measure garments are made from fabrics of your choice, so you end up with a better quality garment that has been man-made to a high specification. Your garments might not stay in fashion forever, but they certainly won’t wear out as fast as a cheap shirt mass produced in the Far East.

If you don’t give a damn what you look like then made to measure clothing is not for you. But if you care about your appearance, invest in a bespoke suit and some hand-made shirts. You won’t regret it!

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