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Become a Loafer Lover

Do you find that people mock your moccasins? Berate your boots? Heckle your hi-tops? Snicker at your sneakers? The solution to this public shaming is the classic loafer. Easy to wear, Loafers are a classic yet casual addition to any wardrobe. The truth about loafers is that they have evolved since the time of their arrival on the scene. Loafers shoes for men were originally designed to be flat heel casual shoes for men, but now, they are generally seen as acceptable for every style from everyday casual to business formal. A strong pair of loafers can pinch hit in any lineup.

A staple of contemporary fashion, men’s loafers have become the utility player of shoes. Tassel loafers can do the trick if you want to complete your three-piece suit or enhance your chilled outlook with a little bit of European flair. Penny loafers are known for their versatility. Loafer purists and traditionalists also love the penny loafer for its classic and iconic style. Gucci-style loafers are easy to recognize by the buckle or clasp across the front. It’s a distinctive and bold look. What unites all of these styles is a very simple and convenient feature that all men can appreciate – simplicity. Loafers are slip-on shoes. There are no laces. There is no Velcro. Just slip on and slide on out! And here’s another perk to loafer life: you can rock a stylish pair of loafers without any socks and that’s completely a chill look!

Celebrity men love living life in loafers. Red carpets in Hollywood and throughout the world have this in common: they have all been walked upon by the loafers of the rich and the famous. Whether it’s Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, Bruno Mars on stage, or Barack Obama at a world summit, loafers are the most effective way to signal your own status as a man who is in charge and cock of the walk.

Of course, the challenge many men face is that there is a great diversity of styles that are available, and combining the right loafer with the right outfit can be a challenge. Not everyone can be an instant loafer luminary. Thankfully for men, there are wise and fashion-savvy women out there who can help us tiptoe through the tricky terrain of selecting and rocking the perfect kicks, from sandals to wingtips to, well, loafers of course!

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