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How To Afford The Lifestyle That You Want

The purpose of life is to enjoy it. That means something different to every different person. For some, it could be gambling in Las Vegas and then retreating to your penthouse suite. Others may want to avoid the bright lights and loud noises and would prefer to be at home, drinking a scotch and listening to old jazz records. In any case, living life to its fullest will always cost money. Nothing in life is free, and sometimes enjoying it can be particularly expensive. Everybody has to work, and if what you do allows you to earn enough to live as you want to, then you’ve made it. If you are hoping to earn more, then you have to make that happen. If for the moment you just want to make the money you have go further, then you have to be smart with your finances. Here a few tips for affording the lifestyle that you deserve:

Running your own business can be a great way to earn enough money to live comfortably. If your business is a success, you can delegate its day to day running to someone else and spend your days engaged in whatever you want (besides, if it works for the US president, then it can work for you too, although it is questionable whether most people would say he is doing a good job). However, if you are finding that you may have some cash flow finance, there are a few solutions. One is cashflow finance, which allows you to get 80% of the value of your invoices within a few days of issuing them. You get the rest when your customer eventually pays. Another thing that you might consider for the future is working on a retainer. This gives you an injection of cash every time you take on a new client and frees you up to be more flexible.


It may not be that sexy, but being responsible (which is not to say boring, necessarily) with your finances can mean that you put them to better use. Saving is always a good idea but just considering how much you are spending and changing it to better suit your priorities makes sense too. There are many things that are indispensable to being a gentleman, and these include looking sharp (which costs money) and being humble, polite and charming (which doesn’t). Decide what is most important in your life and only put money towards that. You do not need to demonstrate your wealth to be stylish. There are many wealthy people who are gauche and many more financially modest people who have a great deal of style.

Lastly, the problem with the assumption that someone may not currently be able to live their desired lifestyle may not actually lie with their finances but with the lifestyle that they desire. Selling your assets and buying a hut on a beach in Paradise is a lifestyle that you may not have considered and yet is likely within your means. You could keep working towards something that is elusive or capitalise on a new, relaxing life, one that would make you forget that you ever worried about money.