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A Gentleman’s Guide to Dressing

man in suit
Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels

How a person dresses all boils down to their style and personality. Men dress in all kinds of ways; some might prefer a matching Adidas tracksuit. Some might like a plain t-shirt with jeans. Some might like a full fitted suit for everyday wear! Like I say, it depends. However, most women will tell you that there’s nothing better than a man who dresses like a gentleman. This Guide to Dressing will help you to nail gentlemen’s dressing if you’d like to rock this look.

man in suit
Photo by Minervastudio from Pexels

Know Your Measurements

You won’t look like a gentleman if your clothes are baggy. That’s a fact. To look suave and sophisticated, your clothes need to fit you properly! This means you should know your measurements. It’s especially important if you plan on buying a suit or something similar – there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit. You don’t have to walk around wearing suits all the time if you want to dress like a gentleman, but you should pay attention to the size of your clothes and make sure they fit you properly. When it comes to a suit that fits well, you can either look like a court case or a businessman – it’s up to you!

No Tracksuits of Any Kind

Although I mentioned tracksuits in the intro, you’re forbidden to wear them. I don’t care what the occasion is; you simply cannot wear a tracksuit if you want to make an impression. The only time you are permitted to wear a tracksuit is in the gym, and even then it’s a questionable decision. Throw out any tracksuits you own.

Invest in a Few Essentials

The gentleman’s wardrobe needs a few essentials. A well fitting white shirt is a must, as is a high quality suit. You should own at least 2 decent pairs of shoes to go with everything too. Cole Haan is a trustworthy brand but there are lots more to pick from.  If you’re confused about what to fill your wardrobe with, there are lots of fashion boards to inspire you on Tumblr and Pinterest. You can’t really go wrong with items like scarves, cufflinks, good jeans, and plain t-shirts. Quality jumpers and cardigans are great for the cold weather, and you can find some really smart jackets too. In general, jackets shouldn’t have a hood, but there are some exceptions.

Clothes Should be Clean and Pressed

The cleaner you are, the better! You should be looking and smelling fresh, and your clothes should be clean and tidy too. No holes or any indication that your clothes are very worn or used. Iron them to get rid of creases. Think like Barney from How I Met Your Mother.

Use these tips and you should always look like a gentleman. Gentlemen are always well dressed, clean, and fresh looking. It’s not always about dressing in a suit, just looking sophisticated and classy! If you have any tips on dressing this way, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading and see you next time!