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4 Top Sunglasses Styles for Men

Sunglasses, shades, goggles, whatever you call them, they are without a doubt, one of the coolest fashion accessories of all time. Just the simple act of adding sunglasses to almost any look elevates it and that’s a fact. On that note, we are going to take a look at four sunglasses styles for men that will probably never go out of style, even after decades from now.

The Aviator

The aviator made it on top of the list because it quite simply is the best style for men out there. Of course, this opinion is not beyond argument, but most people around the world think so and the aviator is definitely the most iconic style thanks mostly to Tom Cruise and Top Gun. In fact, even in terms of protection from sunlight, the aviator is one of the best sunglasses to buy because they were originally designed and supplied by the US government to pilots back in the 1930s, to help them keep their eyes shielded from the sun’s rays and reflections while flying. There are plastic rimmed aviators available these days but stick with the metal rims and at least two ridges while buying yours, to keep things manly!

The Wayfarer

If the aviator has ever received steep competition from any other style, it would have to be from wayfarer sunglasses. The term was actually coined by Ray-Ban in the 1950s and even after more than 60-years, it continues to be just as popular as ever. While the wayfarer has been sported by celebrities for decades, the best part about the style is that it actually looks good on just about anyone.

Wooden Sunglasses

This one is more about the material than the style really, but there’s more to it than you may think. The basic principle behind using wooden frames is to ditch the plastic and other artificial materials in favor of something that’s natural and biodegradable. Aside from that, the various shades of wood add a unique coolness to any sunglass style that you may choose and makes you look like a responsible and aware citizen who stands out in a crowd.

The Round Frame

It’s reminiscent of the eighties and there’s certainly a classic vibe to it that won’t let you wear these everywhere, but it still is one of the most unique but appealing sunglass styles in existence. Round frames became a legend the moment John Lennon put them on, and it continues to appeal to a select group of men with refined taste towards fashion. On the other hand, the round frame has gained new popularity recently in the steampunk fashion genre.

At the end of the day, the style you choose largely depends on two things, and they are the occasion in question and, of course, your own preferences. In any case, you should have more than just one style in your wardrobe though. Speaking of owning sunglasses, if you have an old pair that you like but the lenses have become damaged or scratched due to use, it’s possible to get them replaced easily from Fuse Lenses or, better yet, change the look of the shades completely by opting for a new color or style. Check out Fuse Lenses Reviews for more information on what we are talking about here.

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