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Streetwear Styles for Every Occasion


You’d be forgiven for thinking that streetwear is synonymous only with casual, off-duty style; it was, for a while, with its beginnings associated with tracksuits and other similar informal designs. However, men’s streetwear styles are becoming more versatile, and more readily accepted for various occasions too.

Streetwear has gradually become more prominent on the catwalk as well as the high street, with many streetwear-inspired styles being seen in the latest fashion shows for menswear. Including more than just oversized t-shirts and joggers, men’s streetwear is now even more appropriate for different occasions than ever before. So, if you’re looking to incorporate streetwear into your wardrobe, here are the different ways you can do it!

Casual streetwear

casual streetwear

Streetwear had its beginnings in the skate and surf culture, with cool graphic tees and baggy clothing perfect for skating in. Modern casual streetwear is still very similar, so for casual streetwear styles, you can’t really go wrong with the basic staples.

T-shirts should create the basis for any casual look; choose fitted designs with simple but effective branding like chest logos or graphics. Likewise, overshirts can create a really well-put together yet effortless streetwear look; think utility-style overshirts over a white tee and distressed jeans for a look that can be worn pretty much anywhere.

Smart streetwear

Wearing streetwear as part of a smarter wardrobe may seem impossible, but thanks to a workwear dress code that is becoming more flexible, it’s easier than you think. To achieve a smarter, formal look that still has elements of streetwear, think carefully about the pieces you want to combine.

Choosing your usual shirt and trousers, why not throw a streetwear-inspired bomber or puffer jacket over the top for a different look? If you’re feeling a little braver and your workplace isn’t so strict on outfit, opt for a shirt with distressed jeans for a smart-yet-cool look. A smart-yet-cool look not only improves your confidence but it also adds a unique charm to your personality.

Another interesting option is to throw a hoodie over your suit for an effortless smart look with an urban edge. Stick to dark colours for your hoodie; think black or navy. Choose such colours to add a more masculine touch to your personality.

Off-duty style

For days when you’re running errands, hitting the gym or simply just hanging out, streetwear comes into its own. This kind of off-duty style is great for tracksuits, with so many different ways to wear them.

Wear your full tracksuit for a slick, co-ordinated look when out and about, but don’t forget to mix it up sometimes too. Wear your hoodie with a pair of distressed jeans, or throw on the joggers with a graphic t-shirt to create different looks. Look out for gym-style jersey shorts that can also be worn with your hoodie, great for a casual look.

Whatever streetwear style suits you best, look for premium fabrics, subtle yet effective branding and know what styles work for you.

Why you need to look good

Flaunting comfortable yet stylish clothes is essential for everyone. There is little doubt that when you meet a person for the first time, they only observe your looks, and they form an opinion about you based on it. Therefore, if you want to create a positive impression,  you should always look trendy yet comfortable. If you dress smart your friends and colleagues will also start taking you seriously.  You will not only end up making more friends but will also become happy from within.

So, if you want to bring that much-needed change in your appearance, embrace streetwear styles.

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