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Inclusive Fashion Tips for People in A Wheelchair

Inclusive Fashion Tips for People in A Wheelchair
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It can often be difficult to find fashion inspiration as a wheelchair user, so read on for some top inclusive fashion tips to enhance your look!

Fashion should be for everyone. That said, if you’re a wheelchair user, you’ll know all too well how difficult it can be to find clothes that are practical yet fashionable. The world of inclusive fashion has certainly come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, but there are still plenty of steps that need to be taken before every clothing brand is on the same page.

So, in the meantime, what fashion tips can gentleman wheelchair users take on board? Well, plenty, as it turns out! While wheelchairs do limit the sorts of things you can wear, there are several ideas that you can use to become a fashion icon.

Whether you’re temporarily in a wheelchair after a minor accident or are in the process of making a birth injury or cerebral palsy claim for a permanent physical disability, these wheelchair fashion tips should help to cover every basis. So, be sure to keep reading if you want to become a local trendsetter!

7 Inclusive Fashion Tips for Wheelchair Users

1. Research Adaptive Clothing Options

It’s all very well suggesting fashion tips suitable for people who aren’t in a wheelchair. However, it’s often the case that these pointers involve clothing items that aren’t accessible for wheelchair users. That’s where adaptive clothing can come in handy.

Adaptive clothing can be specifically designed with wheelchair users in mind, making it possible to wear fashionable clothes that don’t make any practical compromises. Examples of adaptive clothing could include side openings in trousers or easy fastenings on shirts.

Don’t worry – most adaptive clothing options are barely noticeable to onlookers, which means you can concentrate on remaining fashionable.

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2. Accessories

One of the simplest fashion tips to keep in mind for anyone in a wheelchair is remembering the importance of accessories. The choice of accessories can make or break any outfit, so it’s vital that you remember to pay attention to the finer details.

Accessories can be anything from a nifty watch to a smart tie. So long as the accessory you’ve gone for compliments the outfit you have in mind, it’s bound to be a winner. 

3. Prioritize Clothing That Is Suited to the Seated Position

No surprises here. If you’re using a wheelchair, you’re going to be sat down. That means you should focus on clothes that both look good and are practical while seated.

For example, dress shirts may look stylish, but they are often rather tight-fitting, especially across the shoulders, making propelling a wheelchair especially difficult. A suitable alternative could be to wear a looser fitting shirt or a less formal alternative such as a polo shirt – occasion dependent, of course.

4. Aim for Longer Length Trousers

Trousers naturally tend to ride up when you’re sat down, so a good tip to keep in mind is to aim for a pair that are slightly longer than usual. This means that you’ll have a bit of room to work with if you find that your trousers have shifted, and you aren’t able to adjust them yourself.

After all, there’s nothing worse than a pair of trousers that look too small – right?

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5. Stick to Your Personal Taste

Just because you have to make a few tweaks to your wardrobe when you’re in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon your own sense of style. If you’ve always been a man who flaunts a simple t-shirt and jeans combo, then there’s no reason why you can’t keep doing so.

Sure, you may need to make one or two compromises here and there but holding on to your personal style preferences is incredibly important. What you wear can often act as an extension of your personality, after all.

6. Consider the Impact of Colours and Patterns

It’s amazing what different colors and patterns can do when it comes to fashion, and the same applies if you’re in a wheelchair.

The colors you choose to wear shouldn’t just be chosen for fashion purposes – they can also have a profound visual effect. Dark colors recede, while brighter colors can make something appear larger than it actually is. Keep that in mind when you’re picking out what you want to wear.

Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels

7. Seamless or Flat Seamed Clothing is a Must

While using a wheelchair, you run the risk of experiencing chafing and rubbing, especially if you’re using one for long periods of time. In the long run, chafing and rubbing can lead to something more serious like a sore or ulcer, so seeking out seamless clothing options should be a top priority. That’s why it’s important to look for clothes that are seamless or use flat seams.

As you might expect, judging by the other tips on this list, seamless clothing won’t get in the way of remaining fashionable. Often, it’s indistinguishable from standard items of clothing.

Have You got Any More Wheelchair Fashion Tips?

So, there we have it! Sure, there are one or two extra steps that need to be taken to ensure you remain fashionable while you’re in a wheelchair, but it’s far from impossible. In many ways, it’s easier than many people first assume.

The best advice would be to go out and experiment, balancing the types of clothes you like to wear with what makes you feel comfortable. If you’re finding certain clothing items are giving issues, or they aren’t compatible with your wheelchair, you can then make adjustments or find replacements where necessary.

Do you have any wheelchair fashion tips of your own, and fancy sharing them? Why not leave a comment below with your own pointers so we can keep the discussion going? The more suggestions, the better!

Featured Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels