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How I Plan to Propose

How I Plan to Propose
Image by Dessie_Designs from Pixabay

Looking Perfect for the Love of My Life!

Jennifer and I have been together for seven years, and although I’ve always been self-conscious of my looks, she believes I’m fine just the way I am.

It’s wonderfully endearing of her to say, but I need to deeply consider how I look for the special proposal night next week! The gorgeous diamond ring I’ve bought may be boxed and ready to present, but Jennifer needs to know that I’m serious about spending the rest of my life with her, and looking dapper will only help my case.

I’ll let you in on a little secret—my soon-to-be-fiancée’s name isn’t actually Jennifer. I just don’t want her to catch on to my perfect plan!

Getting Some Fresh New Clothes

Jennifer is achingly familiar with my current wardrobe. I rarely buy new outfits, and my best suits have been sitting in my closet for so long that they’ve gathered dust. I want to surprise her by looking incredible, but that would be almost impossible with my current choices!

So, I recently decided to buy my own bespoke suit, and I’m just waiting for my tailor to call and with good news in tow. It’s a nice, deep navy blue, and I’m pairing it with a cream-colored button-down and gold cuff. If it doesn’t impress her, I’m not sure what will!

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Image by Royal Anwar from Pixabay

Getting A Stylish Haircut

I don’t often cut my hair, but I usually opt for the same style when I do. I’m sure Jennifer is tired of my frizzy mop, and to be truthful, I am, too, so I’m going to the barber to cut most of it off. I want something short, handsome, and distinguished. I might even pick up a hair-dye kit so I can cover up my greyer spots!

There are so many styles to choose from, and I might have to ask which she likes best. I hope it doesn’t give anything away!

A Clean Shave and Eyebrow Waxing

Sometimes, we have to sacrifice things for the people we love. My eyebrows have always been a bit out of control. It’s time for those bad boys to be waxed.

I’m also going to shave my beard, which she has always thought is a bit unruly. Honestly, if I like how the shave looks, I might make it my standard!

Bringing the Look Together

Youth is akin to beauty, so I’ve decided to complete my look with a liquid facelift. It’s a non-surgical alternative to the traditional facelift, so I won’t have to worry about annoying bandages and long recovery times. I’ll look younger and healthier. The procedure will even improve my jawline, which I find to be on the weaker side.

Proposing Where We Had Our First Date: The Park

Like any good boyfriend, I clearly remember our first date: a walk in the local park! I’m going to propose to her there, and this holiday season will be the perfect time to do it since the whole area will be beautifully decorated with festive lights and trees.

I remember, years ago, walking beside her and feeling my legs go numb. Now, though, we are more comfortable than ever and still intensely in love. There’s no doubt she’ll recognize the park, and the change of scenery will provide the perfect moment to pop the question.

I’m sure it’s easy to get tongue-tied in such a high-stakes situation, so I’m going to prepare everything I want to say in advance. Lord knows I don’t want nerves to take the reins and ruin the chance to make her mine for life when I propose!

Wish me luck, everybody!

Featured Image by Dessie_Designs from Pixabay

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