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Why a Full Head of Hair Is the Ultimate Accessory and What to Do If Yours Thins

Why a Full Head of Hair Is the Ultimate Accessory and What to Do If Yours Thins
Image by Arrul lin from Pixabay

Caring about our appearance is something that we all do, whether we are conscious of it or not. From making a good first impression to quite literally keeping up appearances, looking and feeling comfortable in your appearance does wonders for confidence and self-esteem levels. 

While we recognize that there is more to your overall character than how you look, we feel confident many would agree that it contributes significantly to how you feel. Not to mention, many people express their personality and character through their appearance, so of course, we would pay close attention to how we look. 

For many people, their hair is a significant part of who they are. Being able to express yourself through eye-catching hairstyles and hair colors is relished by many and is something we see throughout the wider world. TikTok, for example, fuelled the comeback of the mullet throughout the pandemic, when many of us were unable to visit a hairdresser for a well-needed trim.

While that is very well the case, and we can all agree that having a full head of hair as the ultimate accessory is important, there might come the time when you find that you are experiencing hair thinning. Initially, this could be something difficult to process, particularly if you love the hair you have. It can be a scary prospect, but you are not alone.

Below you will find our top tips on keeping your hair in tip-top condition when styling and coloring and what you could do should you begin to experience hair thinning. Read on for more. 

How a Hair Cut or Colour Increases Confidence

As mentioned previously, many people choose to change their hairstyle or hair color to express their personality. Naturally, this would not be possible if our hair was not considered the ultimate accessory, so it should certainly be treated as such moving forward. 

Stylists and hairdressers alike can change your appearance with a few snips of their scissors. It is often underestimated just how much a good haircut can do for you. If you are anything like us, you step out of the hairdressers feeling empowered and truly feel like you are looking your best. 

Changing the shape of your hair to compliment your face shape and other aspects of your appearance further proves that our hair is the ultimate accessory and can be used as such at different times. Matching your hairstyle to your outfit just can’t be matched! 

Caring for our hair by getting regular haircuts is one thing, but what about when you color your hair? It is common knowledge that frequent bleaching and dying of your hair could affect the overall health of your hair, decreasing the growth rate and causing it to thin. 

Giving your hair a specific hair treatment at the salon following a color change is always recommended. Your stylist will also know precisely what products to use on your hair to provide it with the nutrients that were previously stripped away by the dye. 

However, suppose you are in the position where you are experiencing hair thinning and even hair loss. The first thing to do is not panic; there are various resources and options to use in moments like these. 

What To Do When Experiencing Hair Thinning

Once the initial shock has worn off, you can put a plan of action into place to protect your head of hair. Knowing where to start can be the most challenging step, and knowing what treatments will be most effective. That being said, to make it a bit easier, it is worth noting the severity of your hair thinning or hair loss; certain treatments are best suited to varying levels of hair loss, and you want to ensure you are using the right one for you. 

When hair thins
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Confide In a Loved One

While it can seem trivial to some people, experiencing hair thinning and hair loss can be quite traumatizing for others. Particularly if you care a lot for your hair, this could cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, which in turn could lead to worsening hair thinning and loss. 

Talking about how you are feeling with a loved one will help to alleviate how you are feeling. While they might not be able to offer you solutions to the issue at hand, they will be able to support you through the process emotionally. Having a stable support network of people around you while navigating something like this will make the overall experience that bit easier. 

Use Medication and Topical Treatments

When seeking to treat the hair thinning, you are experiencing. Your mind is sure to turn towards what medications are out there for this type of thing. With any luck, you will be able to find something either through your GP or a pharmacy that tailors to your experience and the symptoms you are enduring. 

There are different treatments medication-wise that are tailored toward male and female pattern baldness. For example, Finasteride is often used to treat male baldness and hair thinning, whereas Minoxidil treats female hair loss.

If you want to treat your hair thinning with medication like this, it is worth checking out Finasteride reviews to determine whether this is the right option. At the same time, it is worth remembering that what works for someone else is not sure to work for someone else, and you should make an effort to find a treatment that works best for you. 

Monitor Your Hair Growth Rate

Generally, this does not tend to be something that we pay close attention to, merely noticing our hair has grown when we are overdue a trip to the salon. However, monitoring your hair growth rate when experiencing hair loss is something you should do, but we feel confident you would be doing it either way. 

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Naturally, when using a specific hair loss treatment, you want to ensure it is working; keeping an eye on the results as they happen is the best way of doing that. While you might not be able to spot the difference day-in, day-out, consider taking a photo of your hair every day and comparing the progress over time as it happens. 

At the same time, you might find yourself feeling anxious or embarrassed about going out and about in public while experiencing hair loss, particularly if your hair plays a significant role in your life. If that is the case, consider looking at wigs or hats as a temporary measure. With a vast range of wigs on the market, in varying colors and styles, you will still be able to express yourself through your hair while protecting your own hair during this fragile time. 

Overall, we think we can all agree that our hair plays a big part in who we are, whether we consciously think so or not. Regardless of your hairstyle, length, or color, expressing yourself in this way is important to so many people and should be respected. Should you find yourself experiencing hair loss, know that you are not alone, for there are thousands of others out there in your exact position. 

Featured Image by Arrul lin from Pixabay