Home Grooming Making your favorite shoes look like new: Recommendations from professionals

Making your favorite shoes look like new: Recommendations from professionals

Making your favorite shoes look like new: Recommendations from professionals
Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

Be it leather shoes, boots, boots, sneakers, or pumps- they are investments all shoe-fanatics make in their lives. Leather shoes are known to be beautiful and durable if you care for them with the right supplies and tools depending upon your local shoe-shine stand. You can do it with your own bare hands for pleasure or save money. You can opt for a leather conditioner, shoe dye, leather paint, polish, or any homemade solutions to make your leather shoes look new for years to come. 

How to clean leather shoes the professional way?

  • Take off the laces: If they are stained with dirt, remove them and run them through the washing machine or replace them.
  • Cleaning loose dirt and debris: Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe away any grime stuck to the leather’s surface.
  • Apply soap: Make a solution of water and liquid soap, dip the soft cotton cloth in it and wring it; then wipe the exterior.
  • Wipe off soap: During this second cleaning process, use a damp cloth to clean off the excess and dry with a towel. 
  • Condition leather: Leather conditioners help sustain the leather paint and add more shine. You can purchase a commercial conditioner or DIY a homemade conditioner
  • Dry: Now, let the shoes dry in the open air. Remember not to put them in the sun or by the heater as it will lead to fading or cracks in the leather.

The right product for the right shine and longevity of your shoes

  • Leather paint: It is a paint specially made to paint leather shoes to keep them looking new. It is very common for people to use these as they are easier to apply, and quality paints are available all over the marker. One such renowned leather paint is Angelus paint, an acrylic-based, non-toxic, and water-based coat of paint. Available in 150 colors worldwide, these paints can be mixed to make unique colors. It is used to paint a variety of leathers and multiple surfaces. Leather paint is usually applied with an airbrush for a smooth finish to clog the equipment.
  • Leather dyeShoe dye is nothing but a mixture of substances that creates a chemical bond with the fibers of leather shoes. Most of the dyes are premade and of good quality, and you can DIY homemade too. Angelus dye is the best in the market as it can be dissolved in water, pigment, leather paint in combination with paint thinner. You can use this to revitalize your leather footwear, sofas, etc. If applied the correct way, it will not crack or peel. 

As we conclude

Every leather product-be, footwear, or furniture, needs a facelift, i.e., redo the color. With the right shoe dye or leather paint and the right application process, you can make your leather goods look new for years. Leather paint UK provides a wide range of leather dye and paints colors at amazing rates.

Featured Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay