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Is It Possible to Do Something for Better Beard Growth?

Is It Possible to Do Something for A Better Beard Growth?
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A lot of men are unhappy with their beard growth. It could be very stressful if the beard grows irregular or sparse. Often young men suffer when they have no beard. Nowadays, a beard shows that you are not a boy anymore.

This is the reason why beard growth is so important for young adults. They want to look masculine. But also older gentlemen know about the problem of less beard growth. 

In the following article, we want to take a look at some possibilities to solve the problem. 

Which factors are important for healthy beard growth? 

Beard growth depends on different factors. Some of them are influenceable. Others are not. Beard growth means the thickness of the beard, not the speed of growing. 

The point of time when the beard starts to grow depends on your genetics. The same is true for the thickness. Most men are between 11 and 18 years old when the beard starts to grow. 

At the age of 27, the beard is almost mature. All younger men can hope for better beard growth in a natural way. But also after the 27th birthday, it is possible to change a lot. Testosterone, the male sex hormone, is crucial for the time when the beard starts growing. This can be different from men to men. 

Many men think that a deficiency of testosterone is the reason for their sparse beard growth. Sometimes this can be true. If you suffer from a hormonal disorder, you often have more symptoms than a weak beard growth. 

Which factors are important for a healthy beard growth?
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Men who suffer from a testosterone deficiency detect muscle mass loss, weight gain, and a falling libido. If you have a testosterone deficiency, your male body hair is missing at all. If you notice some of these symptoms, you should go to the doctor and talk about them. The doctor will take a blood sample to determine your hormonal status. 

In addition to your genetics and hormones, the hair follicles are also important for a healthy beard. Receptors are located on the hair follicles. 

The male sex hormone testosterone is docking on these receptors. If the hair follicles are missing, testosterone cannot dock on them. Because of that, growth cannot take place. 

Often the hair follicles and receptors are only resting. That means that you can wake them up. If it works, the beard will grow better than before. 

Which methods can help to stimulate sparse beard growth? 

Which method works to stimulate your beard growth depends on the cause of the problem. At this point, we want to remember that your genetics is the most important factor. 

Like men who have brown hair or green eyes, can have thick or sparse growth. 

If you have no beard growth at all, it is advisable to go to the doctor for a blood sample. The doctor will find out if you suffer from a hormonal disorder or if hair follicles are missing. Most men want to rule out a physical cause. 

In the case of disease, you need a targeted treatment. But remember: Even if you take medically prescribed testosterone, this is not a warranty of strong beard growth. Keyword: genetics. 

What are “beard growth kits,” and how do they work?

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A beard growth kit normally consists of a beard roller and a beard growth serum. With the beard roller, you have to pass over the beard growth area in your face. By that, you stimulate your blood circulation and the resting hair follicles. After the treatment with the beard roller, you have to use the serum. 

The serum provides your hair follicles with important nutrients. Beard growth kits are available from different producers. Most producers promise that you can see a result within eight weeks. 

The experiences with beard growth kits are streaky. Some men are satisfied, others are disappointed with the result. Some men see no change. You can try the beard growth kit if you want to. Maybe you are lucky and happy with the result. But there is no success guarantee. 

What is a beard transplant?

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With a beard transplant, it is possible to intensify beard growth and to fill disturbing gaps. Also, men who suffer from almost missing beard growth can benefit from a beard transplant. 

The beard transplant is comparable to the head hair transplant. The doctor takes a strip of skin from your back of the head. The hair which grows there is similar to the beard hair. 

After that, the doctor prepares the donor’s hair. To do that, he has to take follicular units and examine them carefully. Only strong hair follicles may be used for transplantation. To start with the treatment, the doctor must also prepare the recipient region. 

That means he has to make small openings on your face. In these openings, he will set in the donor hair from your back head. After the treatment, you have to wait until you can evaluate the final result. 

First of all, the transplanted hair will fall out. Don’t worry about that! Your new beard will grow back within six months. 

A beard transplant is a cosmetic procedure. The health insurance company will not pay for it. A treatment like this is never harmless. You should only trust a specialized surgeon. If somebody does the treatment improperly, serious complications like infections and ugly scars can be the result. 

Apart from that, a beard transplant is very expensive. Depending on the difficulty, you have to pay a lot of money. 

What is Minoxidil, and how does it work?

Minoxidil was originally developed as a drug for hypertension (high blood pressure). Nowadays, it is used as a hair restorer. Minoxidil is formed like foam. 

You distribute the foam on your head to slow down hereditary hair loss. Men discovered the following: What works on the head also works on the face. The main reason for hair loss is resting hair follicles. 

This is likewise valid for head hair and beard hair. If you distribute Minoxidil on your hair gaps on your head or face, the blood vessels will be more porous. Because of that, the hair follicles will get more nutrients. 

The beard growth will be stimulated. The result is better beard growth. 

Minoxidil as a hair restorer is only for external application and has almost no side effects. You can buy Minoxidil without a prescription in the pharmacy. 

In addition to taking minoxidil, many men use a high-quality beard supplement such as Joe’s Finest. The combination leads to even better results than the only use of minoxidil. 

Joe’s Finest is available in capsule form for oral use. It contains only natural ingredients such as zinc, biotin, vitamin C, MSM, L-cysteine ​​, and minerals. 

These active ingredients stimulate the hair follicles so that beard gaps can be closed and sparse beard growth can be improved.

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