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How to Grow a Beautiful, Healthy Beard

There are numerous things you can do to help you grow a beard faster, including getting the recommended amount of sleep, eating a healthy diet with plenty of protein and learning how to lower stress. Additionally, you should aim to drink a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.


Additionally, taking a vitamin and mineral supplement can help hair growth and can improve the overall quality of your hair. Vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and biotin improves the skin and hair, which can help reduce the risk of uneven and thin facial hair. It should be noted, however, that these nutrients can increase the growth rate of body hair as well as nails.


When it comes to growing a beard, it will not happen overnight. Growing a full, beautiful beard requires time and patience. After you have not shaved for a few days, your beard will begin growing. At first, you may experience itching as the beard breaks through the skin surface. During this stage, you may be tempted to shave. However, the itching should pass within a few days.

To help you deal with this stage of beard growth, research the different styles of beards and the products that can help your beard become full and properly groomed.


When it comes to a beard, it is essential to keep your face and beard moisturized. This means applying a moisturizer to your face at least daily. In addition to helping you grow a beard, moisturizing daily will ensure the skin underneath will be healthy should you decide to shave off your beard. There are numerous products available. One of the best products available is all-natural coconut oil. Coconut oil provides your skin and facial hair with the nutrients it needs. Additionally, it smells wonderful and rinses off easily.


Maintaining a healthy beard involves keeping it clean. Simply use your regular facial cleanser and rinse the area well to help avoid excess soap from building up in your beard. Once you have thoroughly rinsed your beard, grab a soft, absorbent towel and pat the area dry. Never use a rubbing motion as this can damage your beard and irritate your skin.

Trim it and keep it tidy

In order to keep your beard looking great, you must regularly trim it. This means you will need to purchase the best beard trimmer you can afford. Look for one that offers a variety of guards so that you can trim your beard to different lengths. The best beard trimmers will offer a detachable safety guard or definer, so you can keep the edges of your beard and mustache looking neat and tidy. For best results, ensure that your beard is totally dry before using your trimmer.  If you trim your beard when it is wet, you risk cutting off more than you mean to. This is because when hair is wet, it appears longer.


To help keep your beard and skin soft and supple, you will need to keep your beard moisturized. You can do this by using a small amount of hair conditioner in your beard. Brushing your facial hair using a stiff bristled brush or comb will help remove any tangles that may occur. Regular brushing and moisturizing can prevent ingrown hairs and promote even hair growth.