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The Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Facial Hair

A defining moment in every man’s life is the ability to grow a beard. However, it’s not as simple as just not using an electric razor and letting the hair grow. It does require some attention, unless you are trying to go for those extreme beard looks that make people uncomfortable. Here are some general do’s and don’ts for growing that perfect set of facial hairs.

Mainstream media has all the current Hollywood stars setting the standards for looks, and men are no exception. Even the tabloids get involved with this by taking those unkept pictures. When deciding what may look good for you, you have to first determine if you can grow the correct amount of facial hair before you take your favourite electric razor to your face to cultivate it.

So in preparation, do the following:

  • Allow your facial hair to grow out some. Get past the itchy phase of it. This usually happens because your face really isn’t used to the hair coming out unattended. This is also the point where most men suck it up and perform their facial mowing.
  • Use a skin moisturizer or beard softener, or use hair conditioner while in the shower to soften the hairs. Remember that the hair on your face is coarser and disarrayed than the hair on your head.
  • Determine whether your facial hair can be grown suitably. It’s blessing for some and a curse for others. Having patchy spots of hair mixed with a light fuzz or even hairless areas will make you look worse for wear than sporting a nice even look.
  • Decide what kind of beard or look you are going for. Unless you are planning on entering in some extreme beard competition, it’s not going to look nice warping the hair into fancy designs.

Don’t do the following while starting out your maintenance plans:

  • Forget about the fact that you actually want to look groomed, not some throwback from the early days of history. A week to a month is the goal to see how your hair grows, if it grows and what styles you can achieve with it.
  • Overdoing the scented moisturizers, balms, oils, just detracts from the overall appeal of it. No one, should smell you coming before you actually get there. Use the recommended doses and the right products. In most cases it’s as little as a couple splashes or the size of a dime to at max a small puddle in the cusp of your hand to the size of a quarter. Just a little dab will do wonders.
  • Note where the facial hair is thickest, and where it is the thinnest. Keep in mind your facial features, the facial hair helps to hide a lot of blemishes but it can give you a striking new look as well.
  • Make time in your regimen to care for your hair. It’s not a set it and forget it kind of thing. You want your style to look good. It will take time and patience to find that happy medium before having to visit your local barber to help you out.

Now that you have figured out what the gene gods have blessed or cursed you with, let’s do something with it. Let’s break out some of those razors and cultivate the look you’re going for. That’s right, we are cultivating a look, not just growing it. It’s in the upkeep that we perform where cultivation takes place, not just the first time that we get the look down. We have to keep at it.

The Goatee

Some love it, others hate it, and some just can’t have it. This is a relatively easy look to get, but the devil is in the details. It’s quite simple to grab an electric trimmer to go from the corner of your mouth to your chin, then wet shave the rest away after you have firmly established the boundaries. You can leave it as is then, with minor trimming to keep it’s shape while you continue your normal grooming habits. To extend the look, you can thin the lines and have it cut down to the edges of your full face creating a nice look.

Do mind the details because it is unforgiving when you over trim or under trim a side. If you opted for an edging the rest of your face, it looks terrible when lopsided and uneven. This is typically a short hair length style, so keep that in mind.

The Rugged Look


This look is about as close to zero upkeep as a person can get, but unfortunately it does require some weekly maintenance. This is a style that is perfectly suitable for an adjustable beard trimmer so that you can keep the length within that good looking zone.

You can get away with using a razor, or electric razor to mind the, edges or neckline. However, it will take time and practice. It is a bit forgiving in a sense because you can trim it down to even it out when you have hair to spare. If you are going for the more stubble look, just using an electric razor that has a various guard lengths will help you achieve your personal perfection.

The Shadow

Sporting that 5 o’clock shadow look isn’t for everyone. Making it look good can be done, and the statement it makes can be wonderful. Who else but you can wake up and look this good? But this is more micromanagement the aforementioned Goatee. You will need to use your trimmer or an electric razor that has guards daily, and strip away the edges with a regular razor on a close to daily basis.

The idea is to keep it looking as close to a natural grow in. It will take some dedication to keep it looking fresh and simple.

Added Length, but Neat


Not everyone wants to have a shorter looking facial hair. Some do want that full beard look, whether it’s on the short side or on the longer side before it looks too unruly. This is where most people will fall in. The consensus here is that we’re men, we have facial hair, and we want to embrace it. However, there is still some work that goes into these beards. For some it’s a simple trim with a pair of beard scissors, maybe a stroke or two with a razor to keep the lines clean of straggled hair, or to help shape the overall look.

You will also want to spend some time combing or brushing it out to train your beard; yes, it can be trained like the mop on top, and some use of a favoured beard oil and moustache wax can help to keep the hair looking nice and neat. The purpose of this is to keep it looking well-kept and not looking like Chewbacca decided to take over your face.

Just like there are a few different styles and adaptations to those styles that can be achieved, what works for one may not work for you. However, the more you put into what you are growing on your face the better.


  • Practice your grooming techniques. You only get better with more experience. And your face will thank you for it in the long run.
  • Clean your equipment after each use. A clogged razor is painful to run across your face. A full electric razor or trimmer can and will painfully tug at your face.
  • Remember to have spare batteries on hand or the razor in its base to keep it charged. Nothing is worse than having half a face shaved because the power ran out.
  • Keep your facial hair free of debris. No one likes seeing bits of your breakfast or lunch or anything else running rampant in your hair.


  • Just let it grow rampant without some form of upkeep. It doesn’t look good on you to be resembling Chewbacca. It didn’t look so good on him either, no matter how much we love the furball.
  • Don’t allow your straight razor to get dull, your razor to get clogged, or your electric razor to get dirty.

Growing facial hair seems to come effortlessly for many men, but maintaining is one area where most of us run into problems. The tips outlined here should help you maintain an attractive beard that’s sure to turn quite a few heads your way.

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