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The Best Spa Treatments For A Man Like You

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I know a really successful man, a friend of mine that lives a really luxurious lifestyle. He works hard and plays hard and maintains a great social balance. He is an Alpha male, a creator of his own destiny – with his own financial practice and lives with only positive vision. There is no such thing as “no” to this man. He never sees that as an answer. He conquers every challenge and fills his days with meetings in hotels driving from hotel to hotel in his impressive white BMW. But will a man enjoy being pampered at a spa.  Of course he will, get the inside scope on Spa Treatments For A Man.

What he definitely prioritizes is self-care. He values himself highly and knows how hard he works. His days consist of 10 am wake-ups and 2am “wake-downs”. That is his lifestyle. It will never change. What he does make sure of, is to take it easy every weekend and take time out for himself at the spa. He has a contract at a premium hotel spa. He puts down around $10 000 at the beginning of every year and can basically go for any treatment he desires. He always makes sure to go for a massage at least once a week. Often, he’ll opt for a pedicure and manicure and his beard is always trimmed in the salon next door by a professional barber. He loves his Spa Treatments For A Man and you should know a spa is especially good for men that work hard and play hard, men like you!

Spa Treatments For A Man – Swedish Massage

I’m sure you’ve heard of a Swedish massage. It’s actually the most common and best-known form of massage found in the West. It’s totally based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology. This is the best way to start if you have never received a massage before. You can start with a 50-60 minute massage or you can request a 75-90 minute massage that allows your therapist to really work those muscles. You can request how slow and gentle or hard you want your massage. Expect massage oil, various massage strokes and just relax. You will be completely nude and the therapist will maneuver a towel around you making sure that your privates are not on display.

From Swedish massage you get sports massage, deep tissue and aromatherapy massage.

The sports massage is great if you are an avid gym-goer or partake in team sports. A deep tissue massage is also great if you suffer with a lot of painful muscles. An aromatherapy massage uses special aromatherapy oils and is a great way to relax. Once you start going for massages you will start feeling better within your body. Check out Authority Health to help you keep updated with the best health tips for your body.

The Rasul Chamber

Although not so common, the Rasul Chamber is a real luxury. You step into a chamber, basically naked. There is steam that enters the room for a good 25 minutes. Mind you the room is cascaded with mosaic tiles down its walls and there is stone flooring that’s covered in rough small tiles so that you do not slip. While that 25 minutes of steam is going, you take the time to cover your body with a scented salt scrub. You then take a shower inside the chamber  Afterwards, you apply a thin layer of mud on your body. It’s actually a really fun experience. Finally warm water is released from above to wash the mud off your body. It is incredibly invigorating and makes your skin feel like silk. Just a word of advice. If you wear contact lenses, rather take them out before you begin as the steam will irritate them. The Rasul Chamber is also incredibly appealing if you take your partner inside with you.

Manicures & Pedicures

If your nails are looking worse for wear, go ahead and treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. There are different options available. A typical manicure includes your fingers being soaked in water, which contains a special solution. Afterwards, your hands are scrubbed with a special hand exfoliator. Your nails are then cut to their preferred length followed by the removal of excess cuticle and dry skin. The manicurist will carry on to give you the exact shape you want and will buff and shine your nails. It is a real treat and you will feel like a new, fresh person if you have never had one before!

Pedicures are a bit different. You will soak your feet in an aromatic foot bath of warm water which will contain special minerals and oils. Your feet will then be scrubbed with an exfoliator. Your feet will then be massaged. Your nails will be cut and all excess skin will be removed. This will be followed by creams and special mineral oils will be applied to your toenails. Trust me, it will make a world of difference to the appearance of your feet. You can even get a wax pedicure where your feet are wrapped in  paraffin wax and the skin feels extra smooth afterwards.

Spa Treatments For A Man – Facial

As a male, you don’t really look at your skin the way a woman does. Women fuss over every enlarged pore. Men don’t really let that bother them but go ahead – take a look. If you have never had a facial before there will be enlarged pores and blackheads to minimize and get rid of. All of this is an accumulation of dirt and bacteria in the skin. Once you go for a facial you will feel amazing! Your face is cleansed thoroughly, an exfoliator is applied and then a nourishing mask. Note than while you are having a facial, a lot of attention is also placed on your neck. Blackheads, and pimples are removed and you will feel like a king once it is over. It is definitely recommended and you should go for one at least once a month. Often, products are recommended after your facial so that you can carry on with the upkeep of your skin. Go ahead, take them home and watch how your skin will radiate.

Go ahead and treat yourself. We all know how it feels to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and it really is a treat to have a nice massage therapist take that weight off!

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