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9 of the Newest Perfumes by Tom Ford

9 of the Newest Perfumes by Tom Ford
Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay

Tom Ford is one of the world’s most renowned fashion designers, and his fragrances are no different. From his signature Black Orchid collection to his newest releases, a scent suits every taste. Here are 9 of the newest perfumes released by Tom Ford! If any of these sound like your type of scent, why don’t you try buying a Tom Ford perfume sample first to see if it sits right on your skin? 

Noir Pour Femme

This classic oriental fragrance is a sophisticated blend of sweet & savory notes – perfect for special occasions. The top notes feature bergamot & raspberry, while jasmine & ylang-ylang soften things down in the middle. Finally, patchouli & incense come together for an unforgettable smoky finish.

Tobacco Vanille

This is the scent for you for a warm and inviting aroma that blends gourmand sweetness with woody tobacco! Notes of cacao, dried coconut & mandarin give way to soft Indian spices before settling into warm vanilla from Madagascar on the dry down.

Velvet Orchid

This intense floral number combines classic elements like rose essences and modern twists such as honeyed rum syrup to create something truly unique. Base notes of sandalwood, heliotrope, tonka bean, and myrrh combine with sweet fruity accords at the top for an unforgettable experience!

Grey Vetiver

Vetiver has always been one of Tom Ford’s favorite ingredients, so it makes sense he would create a fragrance dedicated to it! Sweet citrus zests combine with spicy ginger before hitting a dry oakmoss heart note on the dry down. Finishing things off is vetiver – giving this blend its namesake edge.

Soleil Blanc

Soleil Blanc takes its inspiration from hot summer days spent in St Tropez. The scent opens with warm solar accord mixed with frangipani, coconut water, and ylang-ylang before shifting into base notes of amber woods and musks that linger on your skin all day long!

Noir Extreme

Noir Extreme offers up a darker take on classic oriental scents with its combination of musk, pepperwood, and patchouli accords at its core – adding intensity and depth to each spritz! Green cardamom & orange blossom add zing at the top before finishing things off with base notes like ambergris & tonka bean absolute for warmth.

Neroli Portofino Acqua

Neroli Portofino Acqua follows from its predecessor in more ways than one – taking inspiration from Italy’s vibrant Mediterranean coastline! Bergamot blends with angelica leaf at the opening, while neroli blossoms bring that bright floral vibe we all know and love here between layers of cedarwood & musk at the base.

Tuscan Leather Intense

This leather accord-based number showcases some interesting twists along its journey towards sweetness – opening up with blackcurrant leaves, saffron threads & nutmeg before settling into base notes like leather accord, labdanum resinoid & opoponax to bring out those animalistic undertones. Not for those scared by strong scents!

Arabian Wood

Arabian Wood is Tom Fords latest release – drawing inspiration from musical instruments crafted using rare oud wood found throughout North Africa and the Middle East! This potent blend mixes Amyris Tree Bark Absolute and spicy saffron threads before ending with deep woody base notes like guaiac wood oil orpur®& Patchouli Heart Accord for balance.

With so many wonderful fragrances available, it’s hard not to be impressed when looking at the perfumes Tom Ford has created over the years – these ten new additions only make us want more! Whether you prefer something bold or subtle, we’re sure there’ll be something here that suits your tastes perfectly.

Featured Image by NoName_13 from Pixabay