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Notorious Female Criminals

Notorious Female Criminals
Image by Daniel Vanderkin for Pixabay

Women are often seen as meek creatures, and are not the immediate target of suspicion when things go wrong. However, women have been involved in many different kinds of crime throughout history, some of them unimaginably heinous.

Photo provided by Jailexchange.com

When women commit crime, it receives the same amount of justice and consequence as men do. However, the effect on family and society is slightly different. Women are known as the guiding force of a family, and are often responsible for the care and upbringing of the children. While times have changed this and family roles have become more flexible to genders, it is inherent in families to value the role of a mother, and an incarcerated mother means stunted emotional and moral growth in children.  There are fortunately some groups that help incarcerated women get every bit of information we can about what’s needed throughout the incarceration period until they return back to their lives.

Man or woman, it is important to remember this at all times: When you commit crime, one way or another, the consequences will follow. It does not just affect you. It effects everyone else.


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