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What’s Soxy? Dead Soxy Sock Company

The Aspiring Gentleman team hear about new companies on a daily basis. Of these, Dead Soxy, grabbed our attention based on their claims and name alone. One self-titled sock enthusiast, Jason Simmons, wants to change the sock market. Stick with us here. He’s an entrepreneur solving a sock problem to “engineer these socks to have literally everything you could possibly want.”

“It didn’t matter if I spent $2 dollars or $200, my socks would eventually get holes, lose stretch, or slip off my heal…even when they were no slip! I realized that if I wanted my dream socks, I’d have to make them myself,” said Simmons.

Jason makes specific claims and the Aspiring Gentleman team is providing the verdict. They are constructed in such a technical way that the founder guarantees that the socks will not slip or fall. Based on experience wearing the no show socks I agree with this claim.

Jason also says that DeadSoxy socks are “uber-soft” with high-end yarn that does not shrink. It may not shrink, but we did not experience these socks as any more soft than any other decent one we have tried.

The actual style of these socks work well for the time being. The distinct patterns and colors are a current trend but will eventually fade away. However, there’s no reason not to enjoy the trend while it lasts along with men and women wearing 120,000 pairs of socks since 2015.


A few pairs of DeadSoxy socks were provided for review purposes only. All opinions expressed are our own.

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