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Best Accessories for Men’s Summer Fashion 2022

Best Accessories for Men’s Summer Fashion 2022
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The weather is warming, and though you might still feel mired in the timelessness of the pandemic, summer 2022 is essentially upon us. Now that the threat of COVID-19 is waning, you need to consider how you will look as you attend any number of exciting summer gatherings. Men’s summer fashion tends to be a bit more subtle than women’s summer fashion, so while you might not need to invest in a new wardrobe of shirts and shorts, you probably need to consider updating your accessories.

Fortunately, stylish summer accessories can be easy to find, especially when you know that you are looking for the following must-have summer fashion items:

Summer Scarf

If you live in a place that can still feel nippy in the shade in July, you might invest in a summer scarf. Lightweight and flowy, these neck accessories add texture and movement to your ensemble, and they are best tucked under the lapel of a light summer jacket. Summer scarves can be intimidating, and indeed, you need some confidence to pull them off. If you stay away from any scarves, which others would call “jazzy,” and focus on simple, tonal designs and high-quality fabrics, like cotton, silk, or linin, you should elevate your summer fashion style.

Canvas-strap Watch

You don’t need to ditch your current watch collection come summertime, but you probably want to invest in one or two authentic watches that are more breathable in the seasonal heat. Canvas-strap watches — also called NATO watch thanks to their origins in Cold War-era military — are a bit more appropriate for the summer season because they will not hold and transfer the heat on summer days. Plus, canvas straps come in a wide array of colors, which can add some fun to your summer fashion ensembles.

Simple Tote

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When spending time with family and friends during long summer weekends, you don’t need to lug around a duffel bag as you head to the beach or wander the shops. You should be able to pack all you will need into a simple tote bag. Lightweight canvas or nylon totes have one or maybe two compartments, which should be more than enough to keep you happy as you enjoy some much-needed summer R&R. You can invest in a plain tote or one in vibrant colors or patterns — this is one accessory with which you can get wacky.

Light Fragrance

Because it impacts how others experience you, your scent is an accessory as anything else you wear. Strong and heavy fragrances can feel stifling in the summer heat, so you need to have a light and fresh perfume on hand for the upcoming season. Some of the best scent notes to look for in summer include citrus, ginger, juniper, cedar, and vanilla.

Woven Belt

Like a watch, a belt offers both form and function to an outfit. In addition to holding your pants up, belts should separate the shapes of your frame and unify an outfit into a cohesive look. A woven suede or leather belt or webbed cotton or canvas belt offers some interesting texture without taking attention away from the more important elements of your ensemble.

No-show Socks

Whether or not you ascribe to the sockless trend, you cannot deny that showing a bit of ankle is appropriate when the temperatures climb. You can get away with a pair of comfortable sandals for many summer events, but when you need a fancy loafer, you should have a pair of high-quality no-show socks in your drawer to keep your feet dry and comfortable for as long as you need.

Upscale Cap

More men need to recognize the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can cause premature aging on the delicate skin of the face. In addition to applying a layer of SPF before going outside, you should don a brimmed hat, which will keep much of your face in a safe shadow. In truth, any baseball cap will function well, but if you want to keep your cap on trend with the rest of your outfit, you should avoid logos and sports references and opt instead for solid, tonal colors in premium fabrics like cotton and suede.

Accessories are essential finishing touches for any outfit, regardless of the season. By selecting the right summertime accouterments, you can look and feel ready to resume life as normal at the glorious end of the pandemic.

Featured Photo by emre keshavarz: https://www.pexels.com

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