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6 Low Key (But Eye-Catching) Accessories Every Guy Needs

There’s no benefit to overthinking the accessory game, guys. That’s a recipe for fashion disaster. When it comes to building your repertoire of fashion accessories, resolve instead to pick and choose your spots carefully.

These six low key yet eye-catching accessories, not all of which meet the traditional definition of “fashionable,” all have a place in the discerning gentleman’s closet or drawer, for instance. Let’s take a closer look at each.

  1. A Brown Leather Belt

Brown Leather Belt

We’re not in a position to answer the age-old question: “Is it okay to wear a brown belt with black pants and black shoes?” We’ll leave that particular controversy for others.

At the same time, we’re prepared to acknowledge certain indisputable truths about brown leather belts, in particular. And what’s absolutely indisputable about brown leather belts is this: they’re useful, and they do match with a stunning range of outfits. It’s fashion malpractice, plain and simple, not to have at least one on call in your wardrobe at all times.

Don’t agonize over your choice of belt. A sturdy, solid-brown belt that adjusts to your size is all you really need; everything else is gravy.

  1. A Stylish Wedding Band

If you’re not yet hitched, you can skip down to #3. Your time may well come, but it’s not today (although it never hurts to get a head start).

Do yourself a favor and review this inventory of stylish men’s wedding bands. Unless you’re up on the latest trends in wedding fashion, you’re apt to be surprised by the sheer variety. The statement made by a tungsten band is very different from that made by a palladium or white gold band; it’s on you to determine which best fits your fashion philosophy.

  1. Cufflinks for (Almost) Every Occasion

Cufflinks aren’t going out of style anytime soon, at least not when “dress to impress” is more than just a formality. If you’re besuited with any regularity, you’ll need multiple pairs of cufflinks for a variety of obligations.

  1. A Leather Wallet

Are wallets becoming out of fashion? The cell phone holder lobby would like you to think so, but they’re ahead of their time; for now, there’s still ample reason to carry an old-fashioned leather wallet in your back pocket. Choose wisely.

  1. A Refillable Lint Roller

No pets? No problem. Even if you’re fastidious about keeping your home free from lint and litter, your friends — not to mention those responsible for maintaining the public spaces in which you’ll find yourself day in and day out — have no such obligation. Invest in a quality lint roller today; for ideas, check out this list of the best lint rollers on the market right now.

  1. A Watch or Fitness Band

Long gone are the days of clunky, wonky fitness bands. Today, you’re just as apt to make a statement with a FitBit as with a Patek Philippe — and you surely know what the latter will cost you. You can also buy different watch bands to help match whatever you are wearing on that day.

Think Beyond the Cuffs

Fashionable guys’ sartorial philosophy is best described as “holistic.” They know that their shirts, pants, jackets, and ties are just the beginning — that a comprehensive approach to fashion demand thinking beyond the cuffs, so to speak. If you’re ready to embrace the endless possibility of a well-endowed accessory collection, you’re well on your way to fashion success.

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