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A Consumer’s Guide to Buying Rugs Online

A Consumer’s Guide to Buying Rugs Online
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An outstanding addition in home decoration these days is in the area of rugs. Rugs are one of those ornamenting tools which we can’t help buying. In the ancient past, area rugs were all luxury and a source of comfort in every room. People used to fabricate rugs at their homes with their own hands. Mostly the women were experts in the manufacturing craft. In the past, women not only decorated every room with hand-knotted rugs, but their rugs were also popular in trade markets for their characteristic designs, peculiar patterns, and attractive shades. 

Rugs enhance the symmetry and smoothness of any space. Modern people have become aware of the countless benefits of keeping area rugs in their homes. With every passing day, we notice a rise in the demand for rugs. Though buying rugs is an expensive job, rug lovers manage somehow to purchase such a beautiful piece of art for their interior. The contemporary age has enhanced people’s inspiration for home improvement. The inclination towards online buying saves time and provides an opportunity to surf through numerous rug companies in a little amount of time. This surfing helps them find a reliable source for buying their favorite rug art. Well, we have composed this blog for the assistance of those looking for rugs to enhance their living space. It will serve as a profitable guide for those who have planned to buy superb area rugs to update their home. Read on the blogs and catch hints of buying rugs online!

What Size Rug do You Need:

Wait a moment before putting your hand on a particular rug for your interior. The design and color choices are not the only things you should bear in mind while making a perfect choice. There are yet other factors that you should consider before finalizing a home decor object. 

One of these prime factors that you must keep in mind while choosing a rug is the ‘size.’ You can’t impose your personal taste here as your room’s dimensions will decide which size would perfectly revitalize the space. Even before deciding the color or design of the area rug, it is better to go for the room for which you intend to buy a brilliant artistic object.

a) Living Room:

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If you want to purchase a marvelous rug for your living room, you must go for the rug that can pull all the room’s requirements together. The living room is a place to display a wide range of layouts as it is reshaped from time to time to accommodate our visitors and social gatherings. To ensure a specious look, the large area rug would be a key option. It will transform your room to be more appealing and comforting. 

b) Dining Room:

The dining room is a delightful and refreshing spot in our home. It is where we dine yummy foods with our family and occasionally with our guests and relatives. We recommend choosing the rug’s size from where the chairs may not outpace the dining rug while leaving the dining table. Having finalized the size now is the right time to make max-matches of your rug with the room’s themes and shades. 

c) Bedroom:

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

It is that spot of the interior where we turn to only when we feel lazy and sleepy. If your bedroom has enough space, better to place it there without fixing its borders under the bed. You can also lay down half of the bedroom rug under the bed and spare the other half to enjoy a cozy walk on it. Now, look around your bedroom, notice the tone of curtains, bed sheets, furniture, and pillow covers. Bring in a rug, the style, shades, and designs of which blend well with the inner scheme of your bedroom. However, the coziest rug will amplify the grandeur of your bedroom!

Rugs Construction:

The method of the rug’s construction is another important factor that requires our consideration before purchasing from online platforms. Between two methods, handmade and machine-made rugs, you are to make a careful choice. The dyes and materials of manufacturing are also significant to equate our opinion. Usually, the handmade rugs take months to years for their construction, so will be their price. Though machine-made rugs consume less time during manufacturing, their prices are comparatively low. Yet, it doesn’t mean that they will not last long.

In the contemporary age, piles of both handmade and machine-made rugs are built with diversified materials and skillfulness. Both have their respective demands in the rug markets. Keep in view your budgetary parameters and select the rug that can adorn your space and go far with your upcoming generations. Yes, Persian rugs are those appealing handmade units that see many generations with their unmatched lasting feature and classic designs!

Manufacturing Fiber:

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Image by Pashminu Mansukhani from Pixabay

Absolutely, there is no other factor that proves more rewarding and a better investment for buying a unique, durable, and comforting rug for the inland space. We can judge the quality of our rug only after getting information about the manufacturing fiber. You can gather information either by going through the content provided by the sites’ about their products or have a little chat directly with online dealers. Generally, artisans use natural and synthetic fiber for rug construction. In natural fiber, cotton wool, silk, jute, sisal, etc., are most common, while synthetic fibers include nylon, rayon, acrylic, etc. After all, you are investing in the most important home decor item. Invest wisely in an area rug built with fine material, dyed with lasting pigments, and affirms endless longevity. Another guideline is also to go through the consumers’ reviews about the product you have selected. 

Save Money:

It is the wisest suggestion to purchase all the area rugs you need for your residence by buying rugs when they are one sale. It will reduce the pressure on the budget that you face while purchasing expensive decorating and relaxing items. Frugal people keep searching for the most needed objects but buy when the right time arrives. Companies like RugKnots offer a discount of up to 60% on area rugs. So the sales season is an ideal time for buying rugs online at less than half the price than the original cost! Go ahead, save your money and buy area rugs for your abode.


I hope these guidelines will prove fruitful for your online rug shopping. After keen research, you have captured the idea that no other company than Rugknots is offering almost all its products at the most affordable rates. Click Rugknots right now, keep in mind all the studied guidelines and choose a perfect area rug for your inside space!

Featured Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash

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