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4 Tips for Looking Great in Fitted Shirts

4 Tips for Looking Great in Fitted Shirts
Photo by AlphaTradeZone from Pexels

Men who dress well, specially fitted dress shirts, look more confident and attractive and are much more likely to be considered competent and accomplished. Fitted shirts are also a global symbol of elegance and professionalism. To help leverage a fitted shirt to your advantage, here are four tips to help you look great in one.

Find the Right Shirt Color

When deciding between colors, an important metric is your contrast. This is the way your skin looks against your hair. If you have pale skin and dark hair, you have a high contrast look and thus would benefit from fuller and richer colors. These colors help illuminate the skin instead of drowning it.

Tan men with darker hair look better in reds, greens, and blues that do not distract from their faces. Those with light skin tones and light hair can benefit from more muted colors: browns, beige, off-white, and similar colors. These complement their face without distracting them from them.

The key is finding shirt colors that complement your look without overwhelming and distracting from the face.

If you feel like a particular color is not right for you, you can always go with white or light blue as these complement everyone.

Ensure the Shirt is Actually Fitted

Some dress shirts claim to be fitted, but they are actually slim. These usually have some loose materials that make you look shabby when you wear them. If you have such shirts, you can always take them to a tailor to actually have them fitted to your exact dimensions.

Ensure the Shirt Fits Around the Chest

Many men do not think about how their shirt fits around the chest. They instead concentrate on how it fits around the abdomen and the arms. The perfect fit for a shirt around the chest is a matter of personal preference, but if you want a slim, tailored shirt to look great, you need to find shirts with just enough chest width. For men’s shirts, the chest width is measured from the bottom of the armpit, over the nipples, and to the bottom of the other armpit.

When choosing a fitted shirt, it is important to choose the right chest width. This way, it is comfortable without being so tight that it forms pull lines across the chest or impacts comfort. 

Also, remember that your chest size can impact how a fitted shirt looks. It can make the shirt look smaller or larger than it actually is. If you have a larger chest caused by having too much breast tissue, that might affect both the chest width and the way the shirt fits. Consider male breast reduction if you are subconscious about how your shirts fit due to enlarged breast tissue. Breast reduction is not only for women and is a great way to have a flatter chest and a more masculine figure and look. 

Choose the Correct Cuff Style

Apart from the color and the collar, the other thing people will notice about your shirt is the cuff. You can choose from formal and less formal cuff styles. If you are unsure, select formal cuffs because they also fit informal settings. 

Iron Your Shirts

iron your shirts
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Fitted shirts look their best when they are neat, and the best way to make them so is to iron them. Ironing your shirts makes them look better and gives the impression that you care about your appearance.

Fitted shirts are meant to look great, but only when you select the right one and go out of your way to make it look nice. Men can always experiment with different colors, styles, and textures to find fitted shirts that look the best on them.

Featured Photo by AlphaTradeZone from Pexels