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Editorial Guidelines

We will not accept material that is sexually explicit or contains profanity, hate language or slurs. This includes text, video, and/or photos that are part of submissions.


  • AspiringGentleman.com is men’s lifestyle and fashion blog and so acceptable topics would be along the lines of travel, hair accessories, hairstyle, fashion, weddings, sports, fitness, nutrition, diet, etc….
  • Word count must be 1200+ words
  • A featured image must be provided
  • No links inside the body with the exception of internal or authoritative links
  • All images must be owned by you or available for free commercial use.
  • You may add social media links and personal blog links in the Author’s profile
  • Follow AP Style guidelines regarding numbers, capitalization, abbreviations, and punctuation, with one exception. For em dashes, use three hyphens—with no spaces before and after the dashes, even when using quotation marks—“like this.” And remember: AP Style calls for only one space after a period or colon. If you put two spaces between sentences, your submission will be printed, shredded, and set on fire. Numbers under 10, like nine or eight, should be spelled out, except in the case of ages, like a 5-year-old girl, or a boy, 6.
  • By submitting your article here you give aspiringgentleman.com and its associates all rights to use the content and images as necessary to promote the website and the company.
  • You must abide by our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

If the links in the article do not meet the requirements above, the article can be posted with the links removed.

If you are in need of sponsored posts or any other advertising, you can reach out to us through our contact page.