Health information is a great career to get into.  Although you will need to get a bachelors in health information management to work in the industry, the career prospects are good.  According to an infographic by the University of Cincinnati, careers in this industry are expected to double in the next five years.  This means that anyone embarking on an online health information management degree in the next year is pretty much guaranteed a job upon graduating.

There are a lot of sectors that graduates can work in too.  The majority work at private hospitals.  However, there are also career opportunities in physicians’ offices, in nursing care facilities, and public hospitals.  Some also choose to work in home health care.  The infographic below describes the options available to you.

The Future of the HIM Professional is an infographic created by the University of Cincinnati.

Future of HIM Professional Version 3 Internal Approval - What Can You Do with a Health Information Management Degree?