What to Know When Buying Your First Car

The forecourts of car dealerships across the country have just experienced one of their busiest times of the year, thanks to the release of the new 65 reg plate and with it the launch of a huge raft of brand new vehicles.

Have you managed to avoid the rush simply because you have found yourself debating whether to splash the cash on a brand new car or opt for a used vehicle instead? Let Motorparks provide you with a huge helping hand to make up your mind.

The car dealership has produced a visual which weighs up the battle that goes on when deciding whether to buy new or used, delving into matters like:

  • The advantages and disadvantages that you can enjoy by buying a new car.
  • In contrast, the advantages and disadvantages that await you if you purchase a used car.
  • The reasons you should understand what is meant by such terms as cut-and-shut, cloning and clocking if you’re in the market for a used vehicle.
  • A look at what each letter and number on a registration plate means.

Enjoy a stress-free experience when looking for a car — be it new or used — by viewing the full visual below now:

Motorparks Buying your first car full - What to Know When Buying Your First Car