Janessa Slater interviews the playfully sexy duo – Chromeo.

It is amazing when celebrities are able to take things lightly and make fun of themselves. In this hilarious interview Chromeo shows that they are not just a couple of talented people, but a couple of really cool and fun loving musicians. Then again, you could already assume that from the way you sound. Their feel good and funky sound draws people to them – both artists and fans.

chromeo - Take this Sound Advice! Watch Vanessa Bayer and Chromeo in this Hilarious Video!

You would definitely love them more after watching this video. Vanessa Bayer of SNL fame plays Jenessa Slater and gives you this laugh out loud web series that allows you to look into the humor of not just Chromeo but other celebrities as well.

This is a definite must-add to your daily youtube bingefest! Watch.