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Being able to kick back with a cigar and relax is nice.  Even better is when you find a buddy who enjoys close to everything you do and can share a smoke with.  Two gentlemen, sitting back, talking about similar interests, and enjoying a cigar and drink together. Generally, just having a friend around who enjoys the same hobbies and interests makes for a good time.  However, a good time can be made better with a few things.  A comfortable spot with a relaxing atmosphere, drinks, and entertainment will make quite a difference and lead to a great evening.

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When one of my friends, Jeff, and I get together we go to his house where he has a separate wing dedicated to his own hobbies.  We have a comfortable place with some nice plush chairs to relax on inside with good ventilation.  A large TV provides us with something to entertain ourselves with, and is big enough that we don’t have to strain our eyes to watch the show.  If that’s not enough, then there are the numerous other things we can tinker with, whether it’s hunting rifles or Jeff’s reloading bench to make his own ammunition.  There’s lots to keep ourselves busy and entertained that will let us escape the everyday stresses and do something we both enjoy.

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Common interests, good cigars, good drinks, and good entertainment are a start.  Discussions, friendly debate, and some laughs help add some more depth to the evening and make it more than just hanging out.  Sure, the TV has some enjoyable programs on, but that’s limited in interaction.  Cigars and drinks are there to add to the atmosphere of having a good time.  The discussion, debate, and jokes are what really bring things together, because that’s where we actually connect.

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Really there isn’t a whole lot more to it than that.  Half of what makes the night enjoyable is the shared company.  In my opinion, that’s more important than what you choose to smoke for a cigar, or what type or brand of alcohol you choose to drink.  Those just help the mood for enjoying company, and while they can really make a good time great, they aren’t what will make or break having someone over.  Being able to relate to one another, share common interests, and laugh together are the key things.  Everything else just adds to that, and will help make good times better.

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So kick back with a friend that you genuinely get along with and can discuss anything with.  Then figure out what you both like to smoke, drink, do, and share.  Figure out where you two can go to fully relax without the worries of your everyday lives and be able to talk with someone who relates to you.  Once the logistics are hammered down forget the rest and have fun.  You’re in good company, and there’s little that should matter besides enjoying the evening.  You’ll get a much better idea of your friends this way, and can make for a great regular get together.



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