Gentleman of the Week: Harry Wayne “KC” Casey of the Legendary KC & The Sunshine

This week, the accredited Founder of the Dance Revolution, Harry Wayne Casey, better known as “KC” and frontman of KC & The Sunshine Band, joins us as the Gentleman of the Week. The legendary performer has landed ten No. 1 singles on Billboard charts throughout the years along with multiple Grammy Awards, a People’s Choice Award, an American Music Award, and others. KC has been shaking bootys since 1973 and continues to influence the genre with legendary hits, like “That’s The Way (I Like It),” (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty,” and latest release, “Put A Little Love In Your Heart.”

KC The Sunshine Band 1024x683 - KC & The Sunshine Band
By Cornstalker – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Get to know KC

Get to know KC below! KC has been a performer for over 40 years. Ever since the ’70s, KC has been passionate about performing. The dance king formed the Sunshine band in 1973 and created a movement, influencing music, dance moves, and even clothing and hairstyles. “The main part of the show is the hits, and I encourage the whole band to get involved in it. Everybody has a featured part in the show, and that includes the singers, musicians, and dancers,”

KC shared in an interview with Digital Journal. “We are coming to have a good time, and we want to create new memories.” He’s not afraid to go bold with his style  Just like his music we all know and love, KC’s style has remained blissfully bold throughout the years. To this day, KC’s style draws on the iconic looks of the 70s. Flashy prints, studded blazers, bright suits, and more are just a few of his signature styles that have helped influence fashion and are trending today. His fans inspire him to continue crafting music

Harry Wayne - KC & The Sunshine Band

Passion for Creating Music

KC’s true passion is creating music, and fans inspire him to continue his craft and to continue touring. KC & The Sunshine band recently released a powerful rendition of the classic song, “Put a Little Love In Your Heart,” to encourage listeners to stay positive during the challenging year of 2020. He still puts on his boogie shoes and dances the night away  Along with writing and performing his music; KC loves to dance and get the crowd moving. He still puts on his boogie shoes and has the time of his life doing what he loves. “I’m having more fun now than ever,” says KC. “I’m more relaxed, and I’m just going to keep on making music.” Keep up with KC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Check out KC’s new release of “Put a Little Love In Your Heart” below.