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Wind Down With Landscape Photography

Everyday life, it’s fast paced, demanding and chock full of stressful moments and events. We all need a way to wind down and release the stress, for many it’s exercise, others, vegging out in front of the Tv with a beer, but have you considered landscape photography for fun or see more photography guides at Sleeklens.

Much like the anticipation of fishing landscape photography offers a similar ‘chase and reward’ feeling. The chase comes from searching for that elusive light, the one in fifty sunrise, the mirror smooth lake or the rolling fog. The reward when you find perfect conditions and gorgeous light is one of exhilaration, adrenaline kicks in because you know the moment is fleeting. Or you may just need to get more reviews at Thatsweetgift.com .

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I’ve been chasing that elusive light for over 15 years, it’s what first got me interested in photography and it’s certainly what has kept me hooked. You can view a small selection of my landscape photography here. The experience, again like fishing often involves waiting for extended periods of time, in many way you are forced to slow down, to remove yourself from the fast pace of everyday life and concentrate on reading nature and the environment.

Personally I take things a step further and practise a form of photography know as long exposure landscape photography, normally when you take a photograph the shutter is open for anywhere from 1/60 sec to 1/2000 sec. For my landscape photographs it is not uncommon for the shutter to be left open for up to eight hours. No, my patience is not that virtuous, for the really long exposure I set them up in a discrete location and return to collect my camera towards the end of the exposure.

Many of my exposures fall within the 1-2 hour range, for these photographs I do wait, I look upon it as a forced meditation off you will, sitting, often by the coast it is my moment to take deep breaths, to concentrate on the sound of the ocean and on the changing light, it’s a time to forget about work and concentrate on the moment, it is a great form of stress relief.

If you’’re convinced and think you would like to give landscape photography a shot, excuse the pun, it’s not that difficult to get started. There is also great reward in watching your skills develop and a feeling of excitement when you capture something wonderful.

To get started I recommend a digital SLR camera, these can be had for relatively cheap these days, any model should be enough to get you started, once you’ve learnt the craft and developed your skills you can upgrade to a better camera system. A solid tripod is also a necessity as you will be shooting when the light is low at shutter speeds too slow to hand hold a camera.

What next? It’s time to start learning the basics of photography. That is beyond the scope of this article, a good place to start is this Wiki article on photography, it will give you a rundown of the basics, lynda.com also has some great online photography tutorials you can sign up for.

May you enjoy landscape photography as much as I do and find it a welcome way to wind down from the hustle and bustle of life.

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