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Why Should You Hire a Tenant Lawyer?

Why Should You Hire a Tenant Lawyer?
Image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pixabay

Tenants face several issues from the landlord, and most of the problems can be quickly resolved using common sense and checking reputable resources on landlord-tenant law. If you are a tenant facing issues from the landlord, you can knock on the court door. Before going ahead, you should know the tenant’s rights in California or any other state and figure out how the landlord can be legally sued for violating the rights.

Conflicts between tenants and landlords are familiar, but every problem you encounter with the landlord doesn’t need legal help. Many issues can be resolved by talking about the problem through mutual understanding and common sense. Apart from them, a few severe legal issues can’t be quickly resolved and can negatively impact your quality of living in rental houses. If you face any serious issues due to the landlord, you have no choice but to hire a tenant lawyer. It will help you to protect your rights.

Here are the primary reasons why you should hire a tenant lawyer.

1. Illegal eviction

As a tenant, you have the right to live till the end of the agreement. Still, suppose your landlord serves you with a termination notice that may create conflict. In that case, you should seek assistance from a reputed tenant lawyer who will increase the chance of success over the illegal eviction. These lawyers have the experience and skill to formulate effective strategies to deliver definite results. For instance, the lawyer can argue that your landlord’s illegal eviction was retaliatory if the situation supports it.

2. Discrimination by a landlord

According to the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA), the landlord can’t discriminate against the tenants. This law secures the right of both potential and current tenants. Landlords can’t deny the housing or take other actions against tenants based on the categories protected under FHA. These are sex, color, race, familial status, religion, nationality, and physical disability.

Suppose the landlord takes any discriminatory actions against you. In that case, the lawyer will help you to block the discriminatory behavior while helping to recover damages that have been done due to the discriminatory behavior. Tenant lawyers have years of experience handling such issues and will assist you in taking action against the landlord if the case is valid.

3. Physically injured or sick due to rental

Few tenants face severe injuries on the rental properties. Sometimes, these injuries occur due to the negligence of the landlords. In such a case, you can demand compensation from the landlord. Sometimes, the tenants become sought out due to the landlord’s negligence. For instance, if there is mold in the rental and your landlord neglects it repeatedly, you probably face a severe risk of respiratory diseases like asthma. In such cases, the tenant lawyer can come to your rescue. You must present credible medical reports through the tenant lawyer to prove the case. Having concrete evidence, these lawyers can let you navigate through tenant laws.

4. Damage to property due to the negligence of the landlord

When your landlord declines your repeated request to repair the damaged property or fails to provide a rental in good condition, it will damage your personal belongings. For instance, if your landlord doesn’t repair a leaky roof before any rain or storm, your furniture may be damaged along with other belongings.

In some cases of damaged property, the renters’ insurance can cover the losses. However, the policy doesn’t cover the actual damage, and in such a case, you should demand from the landlord’s insurance company. In such cases, the tenant attorney can help you prepare a demand letter that includes any required documents and get compensation from the landlord. Sometimes, the renters’ insurance policies also cover the costs of hiring an attorney and safeguard the right to go after the landlord. Each of these steps needs appropriate knowledge and skill to carry out successfully.


The tenant lawyer mainly secures the tenant’s rights and demands compensation from the landlord for any wrongdoing. So, hiring a tenant lawyer can let you live peacefully and gracefully. 

Featured Image by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pixabay