Home Advice Wedding Suits: Get Accurate Measurements for A Perfect Fit

Wedding Suits: Get Accurate Measurements for A Perfect Fit

Wedding Suits: Get Accurate Measurements for A Perfect Fit
Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

Picture this: your wedding day is fast approaching, along with the thousands of other tiny necessary details. The deadline to find and buy a suit for your big day remains at the top of your to-do list. Purchasing a well-fitting suit can be a tedious process involving accurate measurements, color coordination, style consideration, and more. Lucky for you, we have outlined the best digital tool for custom suits as a way to guarantee your suit will look and fit exactly the way you dreamed it would for your big celebration.

Obtain accurate measurements

There are a few ways to ensure you obtain the most accurate measurements to give the tailor or company customizing your wedding suit. You can use a flexible measuring tape or string. However, if you are not confident in your, a close friend, or a family member’s abilities regarding measurement skills, there is an easier, digital way to obtain accurate measurements. As an industry leader in the suit business, THEODORE is a company devoted to providing high-quality, precise, well-fitting suits.

Contactless measurement technology

To utilize their contactless body measurement technology, you will need to download the best custom tailor mobile app to measure body fit before buying a wedding suit. The THDR Pocket Tailor Application uses a complicated data processing system to analyze the images you provide. It is then further processed by their finely tuned algorithm to give you the most accurate reading and measurements unique to you. If a captured image is unclear, the application prompts the user to retake the picture to confirm optimum accuracy. The application is available on both Apple IOS and Android operating systems with 5-star ratings according to its numerous reviews.  

AI measurement gathering

Upon opening the THDR application, you are prompted to enter your height, weight, and gender. This information becomes a reference for their AI technology to base their foundation on. Following these initial measurements, the application continues to obtain the many other specific measurements- all gathered and analyzed as a whole at the end to provide you with your custom-fit suit. Multiple measurements are required for suit fittings, including shirt sleeve length, neck, hip, chest, and outseam sizes. Verbal and visual prompts are provided intermittently throughout the process of the application. This includes videos of how to stand and what to wear to obtain precise measurements. Plus, how and where to position your phone for photos.

Tons of research, artificial technology, and trial-and-error have gone into this finely tuned system. THDR is so confident in their services that they offer a perfect fit guarantee policy. This policy outlines their commitment to precise sizing and measurements calculated by their application and provides each customer a satisfaction guarantee for every suit they purchase through their company. If you find your suit incorrectly sized, THDR will remake your suit for free. Should you find your suit to require slight alterations, they will provide you with payment reimbursement of up to $100. 


Overall, reduce your additional stress of purchasing a suit for whatever your big celebration. Make use of the newest, high-tech technology available. Utilizing precise measurement services offered by THDR will serve as a reliable, high-quality purchase of a garment you can wear for years to come. 

Featured Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash