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Valentines Gift Guide

Finding the right gift for Valentine’s day can be really tough. If you think about it, Christmas has only just ended so it can be quite difficult thinking of something your other half has not had. Yet, there are many categories of gift you may not yet have thought of. You can find some in this guide, they can help you think of things in a different way and open your eyes to a different kind of gift.

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The thing with jewellery is that it never really gets old. There are all different kinds of jewellery to choose from and each comes in a different precious metal. Even if your partner has dozens of pieces another one will surely be appreciated. If they have a lot of gold, try Vogt Silversmiths, if they have a lot of silver, go for something gold or rose gold. The possibilities are endless. You can go for a ring, necklace, earrings, whatever you fancy. Check out what they already have and get something different.

A Watch

Coming with jewellery but deserving its own category, watches are a lovely addition to anybody’s inventory. They can be expensive, sure, but you can really make a statement by getting a watch for your other half in the brand they love. It may even be worth asking them what kind they want first, because personal preference plays a huge part in timepieces. But if you think you’ve got it nailed go for the surprise factor. There are all kinds of price ranges to choose from too so don’t let it stop you. Here are some tips for buying a watch as a gift.


Again, you can stock up on either of these regardless of how many they may have. There are always new fragrances coming out and if you can’t think of anything in particular then going for this gift category can be a sure fire way of getting something they appreciate. You can get them in gift sets too if you wanted something more substantial, and they come in a range of sizes so if you think you are taking a gamble try getting a smaller size so none is wasted. If they like it you’ll know for the future. Think outside the box. Get something different, or, if they have run out of a favourite buy that, the added benefit here is that you know they will like the gift.

Delve Into Their Passion

Most people around have a passion for something. Think about their hobbies. Check what they have and haven’t got and buy what they haven’t got. It can be a surprise for them, but it is the best kind of gift because it shows you have really taken the time to look at what they like and have put huge amounts of thought into it. If they like art, go for a new brush kit or different type of paint. Are they committed runners? Go for a new pair of running shoes or running kit of some kind. The gifts are there if you think about it.

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