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Unique Guest Book Ideas

I think that it is safe to assume and that most would agree, we can thank Pinterest for some pretty unique (and inspiring) wedding ideas. Among trending posts seems to be that of unique guest book ideas. In terms of wedding ideas, there is much to play around with – much that can be done for the bride and groom to add pops of personality throughout their special day. From the selection of available banquet halls in Glendale, CA to the color palette, a wedding is one thing that can be personalized pretty much from top to bottom.

When it comes to the wedding halls of choice for the bride and groom, most select something that goes with the overall theme of their wedding. From there they might match all of the little nuances to go right along with the atmosphere they selected. One of those nuances is the guest book.

Personalizing Your Guest Book


Sure, some might be okay with the traditional guest book, but others are more keen on a unique approach to a traditional idea. If you are one of those people, here are some unique ideas for your wedding guest book.

  • Old fashioned words of wisdom – For those rustic chic weddings, consider an old typewriter to give your guests a way to share some ‘words of wisdom’. How much fun will it be to read through these prints later on?
  • A picture is worth a thousand words – Leave a camera on your guestbook table with catchy instructions for guests to snap a picture of themselves before they sign your book.
  • A wishing tree – Either build your own with a collection of branches, or buy a small tree. Set up tags of some sort and pens or pencils for your guests to leave their ‘best wishes’.
  • Puzzling posts – An excellent choice for a bride and groom who enjoy a game. Have a puzzle printed of the two of you and leave it displayed on the ‘guestbook’ table. Have the guests select their piece and write a message on the back, then place in a jar or bowl (or whatever vessel appeals to you). Later, after the wedding, spend an evening picking out the messages, reading them together and solving your puzzle.


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