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Types And Materials Of Brown Walking Socks

Just like the modern computers require the best software for performing to their optimum, the same goes for modern footwear. Making the choice of the most appropriate socks is crucial in order to get the most out of the boots that you wear. Those days have long gone when people had to settle for a pair of woolen socks crudely made. In the modern times, the production of performance hiking and walking socks is a business that is highly technical. It involves carrying out good research and even development work to some extent. The right brown walking socks are the ones that offer good protection against blisters. The socks must offer a comfortable fit without bunching. They must have the capability of wicking away moisture for keeping the skin from becoming prone to blisters and softening. They must also have proper padding for cushioning shocks.

Types of Walking Socks

There are different varieties of walking socks available for walking. These socks are generally defined by their purpose or materials.

  • Crew socks: These are the most common varieties of walking socks. These socks are mid-calf length, thick and generally ribbed at the top.
  • Liner socks: These are thin pair of socks that can easily be worn under another thicker pair of socks. Liner socks carry out the function of preventing blisters. These socks do this by wicking away moisture causing friction. These socks can also be used in warmer conditions or for short walks.
  • Trainer socks: The trainer socks are used with the walking shoes and they are meant for short walks during the summer months. They are not suitable for tricky terrains and long hikes.
  • Double layer socks: The double layer brown walking socks are basically thick socks featuring built-in lining. Such socks help in preventing blisters and also offer added comfort.

Materials Used for Making Walking Socks

There are different varieties of materials used for making walking socks. The materials are as follows:


The walking socks made of cotton are considered the best for short country walks and for city walking. This is because they retain moisture resulting in the formation of blisters. However, you can always choose these socks at the end of your hiking trip because they are good at drawing out and soaking up moisture from the feet. This helps in avoiding blisters.


The most common material that is used for making walking socks is wool and it is suited for all sorts of walks. Wool walking socks are best suited for strenuous walks in colder temperatures. In this category, the socks made of merino wool are the best. This is because they are more comfortable and lighter in weight in comparison to the socks made of other wool varieties. The socks made of merino wool are also antibacterial and breathable thus they help in keeping the feet stink-free.



Walking socks made of silk are the best for walks during the warm climates. They offer great warmth to the foot and at the same time they are good at wicking away moisture.

While it might be contradicting to keep the feet both warm and cool, your brown walking socks will provide different advantages in different seasons.