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Top Reasons Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer

immigration lawyer
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Top Reasons Why You Need an Immigration Lawyer

Of all the reasons you absolutely need an immigration lawyer, perhaps the most puzzling to some people is why you don’t need an immigration lawyer. Let’s break it down and consider the ways an immigration lawyer can make your life easier!

This article is all about the simple truths that surround your migration to another country like Australia or beyond. I’m not here to pitch you on a service you might not need. I’ll save that for the kind of lawyers nobody likes.

immigration lawyer
Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash

I can however fill you in on why you might opt to choose to use the services of an immigration lawyer in a no-pressure, easy to understand way. No sales pitch, I promise.

Why You Probably Should Use an Immigration Lawyer

1. Migration is a Really Big Deal

When you’re immigrating to another country it is usually a very big step in your life. You’ve got a lot of cards on the table and the entire legal process that surrounds migration can seem pretty convoluted. The slightest mistake or an improperly filled out form can land you back at the beginning of the process –which can be incredibly detrimental if you’re in a vulnerable position financially or short for time.

2. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

It’s incredibly easy to mess up the immigration process, and invariably difficult to pick up the pieces after it’s been fudged. Migrating to another country isn’t something people do often, so no one ever really gets the opportunity to get “good at it”. That is, unless you’re an immigration lawyer.

More often than not, the sort of migration cases an immigration lawyer will assist their customers with involve failed hearings or refused applications. The appeals process can be a nightmare for the average person.

You might not fully understand your eligibility for any specific immigration benefit, or at the worst you could be looking down the barrel of an emergency immigration matter or even deportation.

3. You Have a Lot Going On

It’s hard to wrap one’s brain around every minute detail that immigration to another country entails when you’re busy; whether you’re looking at business visas Australia, or you want to become a citizen –there is a good chance you might miss a requirement and not find out until it’s too late.

Family responsibilities, your career, and other matters relating to a major move to another country can be distracting enough to make you miss a date, a deadline, a renewal date, or the like. And everyone understands the value of having someone else looking out for you.

4. The Consequences

While an immigration lawyer like Hunt Migration in Australia might not be able to provide a 100% guarantee your application will be accepted, they can certainly increase your chances of a successful immigration.

Without someone watching your back, it’s you versus the world. And the consequences of a botched immigration attempt can have serious effects on your family life, employment, and overall well being. Timing is everything.

5. So, When Might be a Good Time to Call an Immigration Lawyer?

There are plenty of reasons you might choose to opt for an immigration lawyer; perhaps you’ve got a time-sensitive job opportunity in Australia, or you’re relocating to be with the love of your life. In either case, the stakes are high and your happiness is what’s at stake –that and your time and hard earned money.

No pitch there. My only final thought is that the folks at the immigration department aren’t your friends. A lawyer can possibly prevent them from feeling more like an enemy.

Have you had success on your own with immigration to a country like Australia? Or perhaps you’ve made immigration mistakes? Let us know in the comments!