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You Think You Don’t Need A Lawyer BUT…

Most of us go through life thinking we don’t need lawyers, right up until we actually need them. At that point, we are totally unprepared for what is coming to us.

But the best course of action is to be prepared well in advance and be ready for that moment that will almost surely come. Because honestly, we have it in our heads that we are never going to need a lawyer, but the fact of the matter is that most of us will, in fact, need one at one time or another in the course of our lives.

For example, heaven forbid it, but you may find yourself the victim of an accident. Not only may you be forced to sue for damages that you justly need and deserve, you may also need to fight for rightfully due disability benefits.

You may also find yourself, for example, served with divorce papers, in some cases even out of the blue, and need to defend yourself, both financially but also in a potential custody battle. Maybe you need a prenuptial agreement before any of this may happen, and maybe such an agreement can avoid such issues.

Lawyers specialize in various areas that may suddenly become incredibly valuable to you under certain circumstances. Another great example is if you fall victim to medical malpractice.

Even for something as simple as defending an unfair traffic ticket, lawyers can be a real godsend. In general, lawyers are the people who defend you when no one else will. And unfortunately, in today’s world, it’s still very possible to be unjustly accused of a crime, even a felony, by mistaken or even outright malicious authorities. Imagine if that were to happen to you in a society without lawyers; there would be no hope whatsoever!

If you work in any sort of creative industry, you can definitely count on at least once during your career having to consult an intellectual property lawyer. Once again, paying a small(ish) consultation fee in many cases can save you tons of money and aggravation down the road. And in cases where things get serious, a good lawyer can be worth several times his or her weight in gold.

In short, prevention is the key strategy here. Get to know your options so you don’t get caught scrambling at the worst moment. You will not regret following this advice ever.